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Zenfolio is my storefront!

– Lou Freeman

Lou’s favorite Zenfolio features:

  • My storefront is my website
  • Easy sales tools to save me time
  • Easy to navigate tools for both technical and creative aspects

Lou uses the Veritas preset

  • Optimal for Nature and Landscape Photographers
  • Easy to set up with one-click installation

About Lou


Lou is an expert at stylization of light, and her mantra is to bring beauty, strength and sophistication to everyone she shoots. She has practiced and shaped the art of fashion, glamour, fine interior, and lifestyle photography for more than three decades. Lou’s work has been featured in hundreds of editorial fashion magazines and fashion catalogs, and she is also renowned in publishing and advertising.


Where is your home base?

Atlanta, GA.

What is your photography genre/specialty?

Fashion and Glamour

What is your most memorable image and why?

My portraits of Jamie Foxx

Why did you become a photographer? What drives you to capture images, and has this changed over time?

I loved the idea of capturing images of anyone who goes after their dreams, whether they are a musician, actor, model or creative writer. Showcasing them via photography is a true gift of art I can supply to them. So I inspired myself to make every image I create for them to be a statement of art and reflection of who they want to be portrayed as publicly.

Do you have any personal rituals to help you get ready for a shoot? What are they?

I do deep creative research and in-depth studies on my subject’s look and media available before I create my images. I talk to my subjects and get to know who they are as well as what they have accomplished. It is also very important to know what the subject wants to do next in their journey. The images I create must show the depth and breadth of their abilities to come.

What are the top 5 things you can’t live without while on a shoot?

A vision, a clear head, Canon 5D Mark III, Hoodman Loop, a great make up artist

How do you regain your inspiration if you hit a creative rut?

Stop shooting, go for a run, swim, or deep sleep. Sometimes the best thing I can do is to let go of performance stress. Once I am free of this and enjoy something else such as deep rest, I can then get back to it and everything is new again.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your journey as a photographer?

Richard Avedon & Irving Penn

If you could share just one tip with aspiring photographers, what would it be?

Believe in yourself and work to impress yourself to the highest level with your own works of art. Your passion will come through in your creations and financial rewards with follow.

What are the top three Zenfolio features essential to helping you run your business.

1. My storefront is my website.

2. All of my photo efforts to reach my clients with ease as well as make easy sales.

3. Easy to navigate tools for both technical and creative aspects.

If you could second shoot with any photographer (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

When you have two great sets of eyes creating a work of art the results will be amazing! I would choose Mathew Ralston.

How has the photography world changed since you turned pro?

In every way possible… Film became digital and rate changes for pay have really challenged the core of photography. The creative and financially savvy survive.

What one piece of software besides Zenfolio do you consider to be vital in your workflow?

Adobe Photoshop