Photo Transfer Tools


Upload Junction is an online service that allows migrating photos between popular photo hosting sites. Upload Junction logs into your accounts, then goes through your photo albums and moves them from the source to the destination service. You don’t need to download anything and your computer does not need to be on, it all happens by services communicating with each other.

Free Online Service No Installation Required Supported by Zenfolio


Migratr is a photo migration utility for Microsoft Windows which allows you to move your photos, along with all their associated metadata (tags, titles, descriptions, and albums), between popular photo sharing services. Alexander Lucas is the author of this tool, and it is available for download directly from his website.

Freeware Works on Microsoft Windows Supported by Alexander Lucas


ZenSync tool helps move photos from your computer to Zenfolio. It is run from a command-line and synchronizes your photo collection each time it is run. ZenSync goes through an entire directory and uploads only those photos that are not already on Zenfolio. It doesn’t matter how you organize your photos – they just need to be in a single directory tree. If you were hosting photos from your own server, this would be a great way to transition to Zenfolio. It is written in PHP5, and can run on any operating system that has PHP5 installed. Dan Richardson has been developing and maintaining tool.

Freeware Works on Mac OS, Windows, Linux Requires PHP5
Supported by Dan Richardson

We also offer a variety of plug-ins that allow batch uploading of photos from popular photo management tools, or directly from your desktop.