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2019 Mother’s Day Photo Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is a huge opportunity to celebrate the hard work that mothers all around the world put in everyday. It’s also a great opportunity for photographers to offer best selling photo products catered for Mother’s Day that’ll delight clients and boost overall photo sales.


Below is a curated list with all the best prints and photo gifts to start offering your clients. The more your clients love the products and photo gifts in your price list – the more they will order!


  1. Handcrafted Jewelry Box

    This handcrafted jewelry box comes with a customizable photo tile which fits perfectly into the top of the box. Mom’s will love this!



  2. Framed Prints

    Classic Framed Prints are a top seller for photographers in everyone’s home and a top selling product for all photographers. Make sure you have a wide range of size options to offer to give your clients a range to select from



  3. Phone Cases

    Everyone has a protective & fashionable phone case. Why not take it up a notch and offer a customizable photo phone cases to your clients. Your clients will love personalizing their go-to accessory with their favorite photos.



  4. Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps

    Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps are the perfect showpiece to showcase their favorite photos from their photo session with you. Don’t forget to offer these beauties



  5. Photo Mugs

    These customizable photo mugs are a great functional photo gift. There are many vibrant color options to select and choose from and they make for great keepsakes.



  6. Keychains

    Add key chains to your price list and offer a simple and easy way for your customers to keep their frame photos close at hand anywhere they go.



  7. Mouse Pads

    Mouse Pads are perfect visual momentos for home or at the office. Keep mom reminded of how much her family loves her with special family photos while she’s working hard.



  8. Calendars

    Create a custom family calendar to last throughout the year with a full collection of great family or vacation memories.



What You Can Do

To make sure you’re ready for Mother’s Day, we recommend creating a custom Mother’s Day photo package. Read this article to learn more about how to create custom photo packages. If you’re looking to sell family photo sessions, you can easily create a Pre-Order package that includes all photo products you’d like to include in your custom photo package. The great thing about Pre-Order is that you can offer these packages well in advance before Mother’s Day, offer a way for your clients to pay online, and for you to collect payments up front all before touching a camera. Here is a great article on how to offer Pre-Order photo packages to your clients.

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