A Day in the Life of a Customer Support ZenMaster

December 2nd, 2013
a day in the life of a zenfolio customer support zenny

Have we met? Quite likely. Whether in-person at a trade show, during a webinar, on our community forum, through email, or via live chat, I’ve had zenfolio customer support on locationthe opportunity to help a number of people over the past few years. My name is Brian Bussiere, and I have a beard. Not just any beard, but a large gingery beard. It’s the kind of beard that just screams “wisdom”… which is perfect because I’m a member of the support team and we are always looking for the answers.

zenfolio customer support on location bbqingAnswering emails is my main bread and butter most of the week, but there is always something else that begs for attention as well. I help moderate the community forum, for example. I also teach webinars from time to time. They even let me assist in writing some of the help documentation. I try to spread my wisdom as far as “they” will let me, and so far so good!

While our job revolves around helping people out, be it a problem or question, we help each other out as much as we help our customers. Witty banter is common – at least we think we’re being witty. Tossing out a movie reference to see who bites, or belting out a partial song lyric to see who can finish it keeps the energy up and the minds sharp.

Where on The Great Onion Divide do I fall? I’m Onion all the way. Wasn’t when I was younger, but grew into it and I couldn’t be happier. The amount of delicious complimentary flavor that they can impart on so many foods makes them quite versatile. As a hobbyist griller/smoker/BBQ aficionado, I use them all the time. Pickles, on the other hand…

zenfolio customer support playing ping pongIt’s like a big family here at the office, and with that, always a little friendly competition. There are a few fellow Zennies that I have had the privilege of smacking down during a nice little ping-pong tournament. Don’t get me wrong, I lose my share of these Thunderdome-style matches. But that just makes the wins that much sweeter. There is a fondness of Karaoke that permeates the office as well, consistently spilling out into our favorite karaoke bar.  The holiday season is a big time for all of us, and we all celebrate things in our own ways. That said, I shall leave you with this little treat (well, I hope it’s a treat at least!). My customer support version of  “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

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