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A Day in the Life of a Technical Evangelist

It’s another cold day here in the mitten state, far away from the fun and sun at the Zenfolio headquarters. But that’s okay with me. I telecommute, sending out my digital echo to be parsed by the masses. If you’ve ever attended a Zenfolio webinar or watched a Zenfolio training video then you’ve heard my voice and may have seen my face. My digital footprint can be found throughout the Zenfolio website.

As the technical evangelist for the company, my goal is to make sure you understand how to maximize all the features and functionality available to you. That drops me in the departmental buckets of design, marketing, and support. This means my tasks vary on a day-to-day basis, but it’s always new and challenging.

Training is my highest calling, and you’ll find me doing exactly that online once a week to whoever may want to listen. I provide online training, webinars, and group consultations that are about an hour long and free to anyone. Please join in and ask all the questions you want. I don’t like talking to myself. It’s an early warning sign for schizophrenia!

The training videos I create are generally shot on a 5D Mark III with a bleeding edge night build from Magic Lantern. We actually just got a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera after checking them out at WPPI, so we can free up the 5D for photography rather than videography. Now I’m shooting raw at 24fps and love it. Maybe we’ll up our resolution to 4K after NAB. But I don’t want to move over to micro four-thirds lenses, so I think we’ll get an EF adapter and stick with Canon primes. Now what was I talking about…

Why yes, the word technical is in my job title, and I am all about the gear. But it goes beyond the gear to the creative aspects of making something aesthetically pleasing while at the same time being highly educational and easily consumable. I do avoid three-syllable words whenever possible in a training video. And it’s really hard to do that when you love three-syllable words so much that both your children’s names have three syllables.

In reference to the deep consternation brewing in the belly of Zenfolio (a years-long debate in the office on whether onions are manna from heaven or the most disgusting food on the planet), I must advocate eating onions. Because caramelized onions on a burger are great. And substituting onion rings for fries is even better. And ordering onion straws as an appetizer is a must in my book. So onions it is!

In addition to assisting Zenfolio users online, I also teach at trade shows and present at Zoom tours. I also edit our help documentation, code our emails, and discuss with the support department the steps you must take to survive an apocalypse. Soylent Green is people!