A Day in the Life of a Zenfolio worker

October 7th, 2010


You have read the Tweets, seen the Facebook page, read the blogs and navigated about the site and I dare to say that you have all thought to yourselves at one point- “I wonder what it is like over there at Zenfolio?”


Well, I suppose that means I hold the golden ticket. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Michelle Chun-Hoon, the once Zenfolio marketing intern and now Marketing Coordinator.

There are a lot of words to describe Zenfolio, mostly all synonyms for awesome, and my experience working here can be described quite similarly.

Ok, you got me, it hasn’t all been a walk in the park, but when I have made a mistake or thought of too many questions to ask, the Zenfolio team has been more than eager to help. It is this attitude that has really helped me grow and develop as an intern and as a person.

Despite my being relatively new here at Zenfolio, I have already made so many memories and here I will share a few:



The Zazzle Stickers

One day I designed some business cards for myself. I was still logged into the Zenfolio account when I was making them on Zazzle. I wanted a picture on my card so I uploaded a picture of my face. That picture was uploaded to the stored Zenfolio images area in Zazzle. So there it was- my face uploaded on this screen surrounded by Zenfolio designs and logos. There was no delete button. After looking around desperately for a delete or undo button I gave up and told my Marketing Manager. She laughed at me a bit and told me she was sure there was a way to delete it.



A The weekend came and went and everything seemed normal. Then after lunch one day I sit down at my desk and see a bright orange sticker with my face on it staring at me with the caption “Zmile! You’re on Zazzle!” I had to laugh. Ever since then I have been haunted by the stickers with my face. I will find one when I turn the page in my notebook, on the side mirror of my car or hanging over my desk- but it works, I smile every time. This small and ongoing act by my manager and other accomplices throughout the office showed me what Zenfolio is about. We work hard and get down to business, but we also have fun and go out of our way to make someone else smile, or in my case- Zmile.



Burrito Lovers United

Want to know what ZenMasters love to chow down on at lunch? Burritos! I found this out after my first week. I never realized that a group of people could eat burritos so often and not get tired of them. My first theory was that it was the burritos that fueled these people to be so good at what they do and so they must keep eating them in order to be so Zen and wonderful. Then the day came when I gave in and ordered one for myself and I found out the real reason they ate them- they are delicious!



Keeping things Zenny

A random whiteboard drawingAs many of you may know, an office setting can get a bit dull. I don’t believe it is the office itself as much as it is the people working there, and the people here make an effort to keep things interesting. From day to day I am never quite sure what Zenny thing is going to happen. Once I received an office “rap” from a few talented co-workers, every now and then a new, and very random, drawing appears on our kitchen whiteboard, and a few creatively themed happy hours may have snuck up on occasion.



The Zen Attitude

To the people here it doesn’t matter that I am attending college or that I was the intern, they treat me as though I am just as important as everyone else. They have gone above and beyond to make me feel this way too. When I first came onboard they ordered me a Zen Tee of my choosing, they include me in company meetings and they invite me to social media lectures and events. These things may seem small to them, but they mean a lot to me. Not only does including me expand my knowledge and excel my learning, but I also felt like a true part of the Zen Team.


Being a part of something I have grown to love, really- I love coming to work!- inspires me to work harder and give my work my all. If I were to pass along one piece of advice it is to do something you love. I have had those jobs where you watch the clock hands tick by or you run out of the door at 5pm, but when you only have one life to live you should spend those precious minutes doing something you enjoy.

A random whiteboard drawing


I hope I have given you all an insight to what it is like to be at Zenfolio. We certainly work hard and strive to make ourselves better, as a company and as individuals, but we also know how to incorporate a little Zen play into our days. My experience here can be described as more than just driving in traffic, sitting at a desk, staring at a computer, and sitting in traffic to go home. It is being around people who care, working together and growing together, and witnessing something wonderful expand and effect others in a similar way. Well, there is still the driving in traffic though!