A Day in the Life of a Zenny Office Manager

September 10th, 2013
a day in the life of a zenfolio customer support zenny

As you open the door and enter the world of Zenfolio, I am the first face you see. I am the office manager, Rachel Brill, and you might say I’m a bit of a girl Friday. I divide my time between being a receptionist, travel coordinator, event planner, facilities manager, HR assistant, marketing assistant, finance assistant, and assistant to the CEO. I wear so many hats it’s a wonder that my hair doesn’t get flat.

One of the enviable things about working for Zenfolio is the plethora of snacks and drinks we have available for consumption, and it’s my job to make sure the office is well stocked. None of these items is more important to our livelihood than caffeine. In fact, the success of Zenfolio is largely due to the copious amounts of caffeine running through our veins. Whether the drug of choice is coffee, tea, soda, Red Bull, or chocolate I help keep withdrawals at bay.

Money makes the world go around, and the finance department relies on me to help it run smoothly. I assist the team by preparing checks, entering expense items, and filling out spreadsheets with expense information. I also log everyone’s time off on the calendar for payroll purposes. This means I’m the one people come to when they want to know who is in the office and who isn’t on a given day… kind of like the Zenfolio concierge but without the blazer.

I spend the largest portion of my time contributing to the marketing team. Whether the task is writing or copy editing marketing material, booking flights and hotels, posting events on Facebook, mailing brochures and T-shirts to help sponsor workshops, or mailing brochures and goodie bags for trade shows, it feels great to contribute to the success of the team. An interesting thing that has transpired from mailing a lot of marketing material is that I am a regular at the local FedEx – so much so that when I walk in the door the employees all yell “Rachel!” in unison as if I was on Cheers.

The Great Onion Divide

At Zenfolio we work hard to put out a phenomenal product, so we enjoy shooting the breeze with one another at lunchtime. One of the most frequent topics of lunch conversation is onions. You see, to be a Zenmaster, you must have a strong opinion on onions and be willing to discuss it. Zennies are deeply divided when it comes to the pungent bulbs. Red, white, yellow, or green. Raw, grilled, caramelized, or sautéed. There are so many ways to love or loathe them.

I, like my mother before me, appreciate a well-placed onion, but if a waiter offers to grind some black pepper on my pasta, I will say “No!” so fast it will make your head spin. Pepper monkeys are all around us.

Popcorn-Catching Champion

Zenmasters take their games seriously. During the baby shower for one pregnant Zenny, a coworker and I orchestrated a heated Baby Care Blitz relay contest where teams of four competed against each other, two at a time. One person had to put a diaper on a teddy bear, the next one had to swaddle it, and then the third person threw popcorn into the mouth of the fourth teammate. The first team that successfully caught the popcorn in their mouth was the winner and moved on to the next round. After an arduous competition, it came down to the final round… I caught the winning piece of popcorn that day, leading my team to victory. As I high-fived my teammates a single tear slid down my cheek. All those years of eating popcorn had finally paid off!

It’s the People Who Make the Place

I have had a variety of work experience before finding my Zen. What I’ve discovered is that it’s not just the work you do but the people you do it with that make your job enjoyable. I knew my fellow Zenmasters were first-rate when I discovered that almost all of them dress up for Halloween (my favorite holiday). We even have pumpkin carving contests! It is such a joy to be part of a company that not only values creativity, it encourages it. You might even say it’s a way of life. Welcome to Zen life.