Behind the Shot with Pro Team Member Blake Gardner

June 15th, 2015


A picture is worth a thousand words, sure. But have you ever wondered what was reeling in the minds of the photographer as soon as they released the shutter? We asked Pro Team member Blake Gardner to share his personal favorite shots and the stories behind them. Here, Andrew recounts what it took to get that perfect shot.

Matt and Angie

Angie’s veil was simply gorgeous and her dream was to get a photo where it was blowing in the wind. Of course, when it came time to shoot it, there was absolutely no wind. Angie’s maid of honor, her sister, stepped in to help out by throwing the veil up in the air as high as she could and then running out of frame quick as possible. After repeating that a dozen times, the maid of honor surely won the title as most helpful member of the wedding party.

Matt&Angie001Matt and AngieBlake Gardner Photography

LA County Store

I met a local business owner, MaryAnne LoVerme shortly before she opened up her shop, The LA County Store. For many years, I have been adamant supporter of shopping locally made items and since everything in her store was made in LA, I wanted to help her on her venture, so I offered my services. I showed up around sundown and took a couple photos of the staff and the store. I particularly loved one I took of the shop from the parking lot because of the difference in color temperature between the outdoor and indoor lighting. I love how the coolness of the outside makes the inside seem very warm and inviting.

LACountyStore_001LA County StoreBlake Gardner Photography

LACountyStore_002LA County StoreBlake Gardner Photography

Bob and Jen

Jen was the kind of bride who made a Pinterest page of images she loved as inspiration for her wedding photos. I absolutely love brides who do this. I hear a lot of brides saying “I don’t want to pose for shots” or “I trust you to tell me what to do”, which is fine, but brides who give me inspiration make my job easier. She shared a couple shots of a bride in her gown jumping for joy on a bed. She found a house for the bridal party to get ready in that has several great beds to bounce on. We were discussing that shot as I was staging a detail shot of her beautiful dress near one of the beds. She was wearing a cute robe and one thing led to another (notice the wine glass in the lower right hand corner) and moments later she was in the air for one of my favorite shots of the day.

BobAndJen_002Bob and JenBlake Gardner Photography

I walked into the room when Jen’s videographers were lying on the floor getting some close-ups of her stylish red shoes. She was lifting the dress up so they could get a better shot and that’s when I took this photo. This photo reminds me how much I have drawn inspiration from the portraiture work of Arnold Newman. His use of the angles and shadows in the surrounding environment really caught my eye and I try to let it inspire my work at times.
BobAndJen_003Bob and JenBlake Gardner Photography

Bob and Jen are a fun loving couple who are also super stylish. She is a stylist and her choices of colors and retro décor made for some great photo opts. Since I knew that Bob, a Hollywood screenwriter, had met most of his groomsmen doing improv comedy, I knew this group would be more than willing to play around and be silly. This was my favorite because their “Getaway” shot had a sort of Bonnie & Clyde feel to it. BobAndJen_004Bob and JenBlake Gardner Photography

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Blake GarnerBlake Gardner Photography Blake has known that he wanted to be a photographer since 3rd grade. Growing up with a portrait and wedding shooter as a dad is a good place to start. Over his 9 years in the industry, Blake has created a large and diverse portfolio of stunning images. His ability to truly connect with his subjects comes through in his compelling and unique portraits.

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