Behind the Shot with Pro Team Member Sara Kauss

July 15th, 2015
Sara Kauss Photography_0177-square

Photographing country music artists is meta—you are an artist photographing an artist! Here, wedding and music photographer, and Zenfolio Pro Team member Sara Kauss pours over her favorite shots and talks about what it took to get that perfect frame. 

Sara Kauss Photography_0177-squareSarah Darling by Sara Kauss_0174

These images of recording artist Sarah Darling were many years in the making. Sarah and I started working together quite a few years ago in Nashville. With lots of help from Dezi, the amazing horse, Jessica Lindsay, the fabulous hair and makeup artists to the stars, and a team of awesome photographer assistants, we made our dream shoot a reality!  

G_16g_SKP_0353IMG_1721These behind the scenes photos show the kind of photo shoot that we had been wanting to do for quite some time. It was a dream come true for Sarah and the team to be able to incorporate the elements that we thought we could only fantasize about in the most picture-perfect photo shoot scenario. We wanted to work with horses, and being able to get a horse on to the beach for this experience was incredible for everybody involved.

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Sara KaussSara’s passion for photography is impossible to miss. Her out-going and enthusiastic approach to her work is truly inspiring. A self-proclaimed people-person, Sara knows how to make her clients feel comfortable and relaxed in front of her lens. Her beautiful images balance an instinctual sense of composition and more importantly, her photos are always fun and original.

Check out Sara’s extensive portfolio here: