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Behind the Shot with Shelley Paulson

Doesn’t it feel good when you press the shutter knowing that you just nailed the shot without even looking at the camera? Case in point: Shelley Paulson. We asked the Zenfolio Pro Team member to share three of her favorites and were blown away by what she gave us. Take a look and we bet these photos may become some of your favorites, too.   



This image was from an intimate October wedding, held at a restaurant which featured a second floor patio. They had a bonfire pit so people could enjoy the cool autumn air, while being cozy. I had just finished some fun group photos with the groom’s work friends, when I saw that the sky was turning beautiful shades of gold. I got down low, placed the bonfire between us, and shot my heart out. This was my favorite one because of how the flames licked up into their silhouette. 










Lyndsay’s horse, Teddy, was one of the most cooperative, and no doubt, most handsome horses I have ever worked with. Before this session, he had never been ridden across water and horses are generally frightened of water because they cannot determine its depth. We all held our breath as Teddy tromped right through the water like a boss! I love Lyndsay’s expression of joy! 




I had stopped by a local thoroughbred foaling facility in the spring to add some foal photos to my equestrian stock photo library. The farm’s owner showed me a foal who had just been born the night before. She took the mom and baby out into an indoor arena to stretch their legs. It just so happened that late afternoon sunlight was streaming through the windows, and as the pair ran around the arena, they kicked up a beautiful cloud of dust. When the foal stopped in the light and looked over its shoulder, I knew that something special had just happened in front of my camera!