Boost Your Holiday Sales With Digital Downloads

October 10th, 2018

61% of shoppers are open to shop from new retailers during the holidays, which means there’s huge benefits to offering digital files for sale as a photographer. No matter if you have existing or potential clients, digital files can be an easy addition to any price list to help grow your photography business. You can easily offer it as a standalone product and/or include it with custom photo packages. It’s time to offer clients more variety and take your photography business to the next level. Zenfolio is here to set you up for success so instead of using two or three different solutions to share and sell your digital images, simply use Zenfolio to bring it all under one roof.


If you aren’t offering digital downloads yet, here’s an easy How-To video to get you started:

When you’re ready to start offering digital downloads, head over to your price list and start growing your holiday sales!