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Design and Offer Beautiful Photo Albums

You take beautiful photos, you have a beautiful website with Zenfolio, and your clients would like to purchase a beautiful album of their photos. Selling albums is an important part of making your business profitable, and it also can define the type of studio you are. At the end of the day, your clients love albums because they become a keepsake item for families, friends, and loved ones. Producing clean, classic designs that stand the test of time are the type of albums you want to be creating.

Image Credit: Images and Design © Marko Dusak, Spinaker Photographics

Offering unique and beautifully designed albums does not have to be a drain on your time, energy and resources – it should be fun and profitable! If you are a Premium or Premium Business user, you can easily offer albums as self-fulfilled products. While creating that album using Photoshop can be time consuming, we have found Fundy Software’s Album Builder to be beneficial to any work flow. Most of their users report having cut their album design time in half!

You can design in Photoshop so you can use all the tools you normally would when editing images. There is no need to learn yet another program. No more going back and forth between programs while designing your albums and editing your photos. You’re always right in Photoshop, the heart of your business.

Album Builder allows you to free-design with simple buttons or choose from pre-designed dynamic templates. It’s a fast (and easy) way for you to create heirloom albums that your customers will love – and when your clients are happy, that means more business for you!

If you do not already, consider offering albums to your clients. Clients find albums to make perfect gifts, classic keepsakes, or the perfect touch to the coffee table. Go ahead and give Fundy Software’s full suite, including the Album Builder, a try with their 14-day free trial available at