Design Minded: Five Easy Ways to Utilize a Custom Page on Your Zenfolio Website 1. Product Example Page 2. Map to Your Studio3. Testimonials Page4. Press, Published Work, or Awards Page5. Pricing Page

September 14th, 2015

By Anne-Marie Friday

Zenfolio includes many awesome built-in pages that are ready for you to use, but you can also create custom pages to help your business grow. A novice understanding of inserting images, hyperlinking, and tables is all you need to get started. In other words, if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can create a simple custom web page.

Here are five custom pages that can make your site better—all built with the Zenfolio custom page feature.

1. Product Example Page product-example

This page was created by combining text and graphics to create an elegant presentation of the products and pricing offered. Each section was saved as a JPEG, uploaded to Zenfolio, and then inserted into a custom page.

Credit: Chris Bonini Photography

2. Map to Your Studio


Adding a map for your business or studio is a great way to help your clients find you easily—and it couldn’t be simpler. Using the Embed link in the formatting toolbar of your custom page, paste in the code you’d like to use into the content field. Directions for getting your embeddable code from Google Maps can be found here.

Credit: Imagine Contemporary Portraits

3. Testimonials Page


This photographer created a testimonials page by inserting a two-column table. In the left column, insert an image of the couple or event you photographed straight from your Zenfolio gallery. In the right column, type in accolades or reviews you have received from your customers. It’s always good to include names, dates, or locations to provide authenticity.

Credit: Evan Chung Photography

4. Press, Published Work, or Awards Page


Another great custom page idea is to display your awards, published work, or press coverage. It not only adds variety to the pages on your site but will also highlight your talents and achievements. Utilizing simple tables once again, a clean yet impactful design is created by inserting a few images and some text.

Source: Kel Murphy Photography

5. Pricing Page


A custom page is the perfect way to display your fees and what is included in your sessions in an organized manner. To achieve this, simply start typing away.  You have control over everything from fonts, sizing, placement, to inserting photos, videos, or slideshows. All of this is available in the Formatting Toolbar of your custom page.

Source: Resplendent Photography

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So, now that we’ve shown you how easy it is to create a custom page, what page are you going to create next? We’d love to hear or see what pages you’ve created in the comments.

Go ahead, customize away!