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Double Your Referral Credits in April

April Zenfolio Referral Bonus, Double Referral Credits



April Zenfolio Referral Bonus, Double Referral Credits

Now through the end of April we are going to double your referral credit. That means you’ll get up to a $50 credit for every person that uses your referral code when opening a paid account!

Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your referral credits. The last time we did a promotion like this some users boasted upwards of 50 referrals. Plus, taking part in the referral program is easy and benefits both you and your friends. You’ll get a 20% credit for everyone that opens a paid account and your friends get a 10% discount off their account.

So get the word out and post away on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and your blog. You can also send out referral emails to your friends using the form provided under “Your Referrals”. Zenfolio will format and send these emails on your behalf, and you can preview and edit the message before sending. You can also add referral buttons in email signatures or on your website to get even more referrals. One area you shouldn’t share your code is on public forums as they frequently do not allow this practice and might ban you.

Zenfolio Toolkit, 50% bonus, double referral

If you’re unfamiliar with the referral program, for every new user you refer you receive a credit to your account that can be used toward renewing or upgrading your account, purchasing prints or photo products, and even gift subscriptions. You can find your referral code, and the number of people you have referred, in the Toolbox of your account’s Edit View after you login.

Start spreading the word today to get as many double credits as you can by April 30th. And don’t forget to mention to your friends that they must use your referral code when upgrading from a Trial to a paid account to get the discount.