Get Noticed with PartySlate! Event Advertising for Pro Photographers

April 21st, 2017

In a world where search engine optimization is king and consumers are using social platforms and photos to buy everything from the latest in fashion trends to vendors for their weddings, it’s both essential and overwhelming to stay on top of showcasing your work. PartySlate is a new digital resource to help you showcase your work with the world, while encouraging important SEO and network effects. Your credits will always be associated with your photos, and photo upload is unlimited- so you can highlight all of your best work.


Your website and network are key, of course, and Zenfolio offers incredible opportunities to build your website and sell work to your clients. Our goal is to help drive traffic to your website, showcase and enhance your brand, strengthen your SEO and help high-end event hosts find you.


Here’s how it works:

  • It’s free to register as an event pro on PartySlate
  • Upload collections of events directly to your PartySlate profile. Including a brief description of the event, your approach as their event professional and crediting your event partners will help you appear higher in the feed and find a pro!
  • We offer easy and quick ways to “write” your photos to further enhance your SEO

Party hosts of all kinds – brides & grooms, Mitzvah moms, gala chairs, corporate planners, and so many more are coming to PartySlate to look for inspiration and most importantly, to connect with event professionals to hire for their parties.


Head to to set up your Pro profile, totally free.