Holiday Shipping Deadlines: US Vendors

November 2nd, 2011
Holiday shipping deadlines

The holiday season – for some this means rushing around like chickens without their heads. We want to help you avoid that this year, so read on.

Between now and December 24th more print orders will be placed than in the three months leading up to it. Here are some pointers and tips to make your holiday season as stress-free and Zen-like as possible. Note that this post is specific to US vendors. For UK vendor deadlines see here.

Requesting Changes and Cancellations

Our partner labs have the best turnaround times in the industry while maintaining consistent print quality. They work extra hard on keeping up this reputation during the holiday season – often printing, packaging and shipping the same day the order is placed – this means any request for changes needs to be sent within minutes of placing an order or it may not be caught in time.

Approving Orders

Having an Order Approval enabled in your price list (Premium and Premium Business feature) allows you to review orders placed and make changes before sent for printing, but it also delays sending the order to the lab. Until you approve the order, it is not submitted for printing. With this in mind, be sure to approve all orders as quickly as possible!

Some Tips for Peace of Mind

During the holiday season USPS is not as dependable of a carrier and a package cannot be tracked. Encourage your clients to select a carrier with tracking, such as FedEx.

Shipping Deadlines

For your convenience, we have gathered a list of recommended deadline dates and tips for each of our integrated vendors in the US. Please keep in mind that your orders must be placed and approved before the cut-off dates in order to be delivered in time for the holiday.

Mpix and MpixPro

If you are a Premium Business subscriber we recommend choosing the Boutique Packaging option in the shipping method. The elegant decoration of the boxes will be an unforgettable touch to your client’s holiday order.

Imagine Your Photos

Offer your clients fun and unique holiday options with IYP. Do keep in mind that production can take up to 5 business days, so plan ahead and place your orders promptly.

Picture it Postage

If you plan on mailing greeting cards or sending thank you cards to clients, personalize them with custom postage stamps from PictureItPostage. These stamps look professional, sharp and will help you stand out from the crowd.

You can have your brand, portrait or other catching image placed on a U.S. Postage Stamp in any denomination. The stamps are printed large and in high quality, a special touch to any piece of mail. Please remember that standard production time is 3 business days.


fotoflōt products are an elegant way to display photos without frames. Your clients are sure to be impressed by the innovative magnetic mounting system and unique style.

We wish you the best holiday season yet!