How Olie’s Images Grew Sales 86% By Eliminating Barriers To Buying

May 29th, 2018

Sports photographer Olie Moss has simplified his workflow and reduced barriers to buying, growing Olie’s Images 86% from 2015. We asked how he uses Zenfolio to increase his sales.

Tell us about your business.

I started Olie’s Images in 2014 while I was finishing my last year of college and now travel full time around the western United States photographing Team Roping and Barrel Racing events.

How many photos are you taking at a single event?

I photograph between 600 and 2,500 people during a three-day event, 5,000+ for a six-day national event, so I need to upload a lot of images quickly.

Any challenges along the way?

When I first started out, I was using a different online hosting and sales solution. The problem with my old website was the user interface and user experience. It was very hard for my clients and I to use the system. It was clunky and old fashioned, and extremely hard to get my photos online and sell them to clients. Plus, I had to still fulfill the orders, which was difficult with being on the road most of the year.

Zenfolio’s systems to upload are much better, and their UI and UX is cleaner and easier to navigate. It eliminates any barriers to buying.

What’s your selling strategy?

We primarily print photos on site to capture the client’s desire for instant gratification, but we also sell online to reach clients after the events are finished.

Walk us through that process.

At the booth clients can browse through their photos. If they don’t make the purchase at the booth because they are rushing to their next event, we ask them to pick their favorite photo and provide an email address. The client can either come back to the booth to purchase, or after the event is over, log in to the gallery on Zenfolio, and order prints and products at their leisure. I’ve also created a triggered email in Zenfolio, which helps me re-target clients, and I only have to set it up once!​ After nine days, an email automatically goes out that reminds them to place an order of their favorite photo.

Has this been successful?

Since 2015, my first full year of using Zenfolio, I’ve seen my sales increase by 86%.

What’s next for Olie’s Images?

Since using Zenfolio I’ve been able to simplify the proofing and selling process. I’m increasing sales by having a more efficient system, which allows me to take on fewer events and have more free time.

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