How to Write a Winning Photographer “About” Page

October 23rd, 2020

As a product specialist for PhotoBooker and Zenfolio, I see a lot of “About” pages daily! The most successful messages are those written in the photographer’s own voice, who clearly understand and share the same values as their clients, and who tell their photographic story or journey. 

I’ve chosen a few of my favorites to share!

Tip 1 – Think about future clients

Jackie W. is a concert photographer in Sedona, Arizona. She writes: 

I love music and I love people. Most of my photography was motivated by capturing live shows and meeting people from all backgrounds that have a love for coming together. While music initially inspired my photography, that expanded to doing shoots with all different types of people for weddings, family photos, personal branding, and sometimes a personal shoot that just makes you feel good. My goal is always to make sure people are comfortable while capturing the love in each moment.

What I love about this is Jackie is writing to her future clients. She describes exactly the kind of photography she specializes in, while also showing how she has expanded and grown to include a wide variety of shoot types. 

Tip 2 – Help potential clients understand how you customize the shoot for their goals 

– Jamie B. in Los Angeles, California does a great job of that: 

I love problem-solving. It’s one of the things that’s kept me going in photography for so long. Each shoot is a new set of problems to deal with. Finding a scene, how to light it, sometimes that’s the easiest part. Where it gets really good is the give and take as we figure out what story we want to tell and how to get it in-camera.

This one speaks even more directly to Jamie’s future clients. A client could read this, with three rowdy boys that she feels could never sit quietly for a photoshoot. Maybe they won’t! With Jamie, that’s okay because a beautiful story will be told no matter what. 

Tip 3 – Be true to your artistry 

This one is from Victoria S. in Littleton, Colorado: 

I’m an artistic person in many fields but photography is what fuels me. There’s something special about capturing genuine moments, and the true essence of a person in a photograph. I’m here not to stage a perfect photo, but to capture what makes you, you.

Right away, Victoria describes herself as a true artist. She also makes it clear that she has a knack for photographing the very soul of her subjects. 

Tip 4 – Your personal journey can be beautiful,  paint a picture for new clients. 

Lawrence F. in Tempe, Arizona tells his story:

I started out photography because I wanted to learn how to take pictures of myself dancing. Little by little, I began photographing myself and the dance community around me and I have been doing dance portraits with dancers from all walks of life ever since. Aside from dance, I am a wanderlust and I love taking dreamy landscapes and abstract architectures in my travels. My favorite approach is to blend my passion for movement with an environment.

If someone is searching for a dance photographer, they know they have found their perfect match in Lawrence. As a dancer himself, he lives and breathes dance portraits. I also love how he uses descriptive language to clearly explain what a photo shoot with him might be like – artistic and dreamy. 

The most important part of writing a successful and winning About message is to tell your story and way of photographing in a way that a client can directly translate to their own future photography experience.

I hope this is helpful as you write yours! 

PS: On PhotoBooker, we also ask photographers to list a fun fact. This truly adds an element of joy and an extra piece of their personality to the equation. These are some of my favorites! 

  • I won a Bastille Day contest (many years ago) at Le fou Frog in the City Market for completing a cartwheel while holding a tray of drinks 🙂
  • I was on America’s Got Talent season 9 (as a hula hooper)
  • I got my name from Edgar Allen Poe!
  • I just finished building a solar power system from scratch for a vintage camper we call “Blueberry”
  • I may not seem to be a person who likes line dancing, but I went every Thursday for an entire year. Yeehaw.
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