Image Downloading: More Options. More Convenience.

March 18th, 2018

Back in October, we announced a time-saving way for your clients to download large numbers of photos from your website. Instead of waiting for large files to process, the system bundled all the photos together into a Zip file. When the Zip file was ready, your clients received a download link via email.

While this option works for many clients, some of you let us know that you missed a more immediate download experience. So, with you and your clients in mind, we have updated our image-download process.

If your client is downloading two images or more, the system will place the images into a Zip file(s). A dialogue box will appear, giving your clients two options. They can either download each Zip file immediately by clicking the link, or request that the system send them an email with the Zip files that they can download at their convenience. Emails typically arrive in just a few minutes, and this option allows your clients to continue navigating your site while the system bundles the photos in the background.

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If your clients are downloading only one image, the download will happen immediately. The system will not prompt your client to enter their email address to deliver the images at a later time.

This support article provides more information about the new download process.