It’s Here! Simplified Categories for Easier Browsing, Buying, and Selling

September 23rd, 2016
Header Image (Revised)

Header Image (Revised)

For an improved client-shopping experience, we have streamlined the available product categories in the ‘Selling’ section of your account from about 16 to 6. The Shop home page displays six new product category choices + client-friendly naming conventions.


Based on the latest marketing research and best practices for online shopping, this reorganization lays the foundation for a more intuitive experience for easier browsing, buying and selling. In simplifying the number of possible options in the ‘Selling’ section of your account, your clients can find things more easily. This refresh also includes familiar category names (i.e., photo gifts, home decor) that actually mean something to your clients versus language used primarily among photo-industry insiders. Thus, making it easier for your clients to find and buy what they are looking for.


The newly organized main categories are Prints, Albums & Books, Photo Gifts, Greeting Cards, Home Decor, and Marketing. All of the 2000+ vendor products available to sell through your Zenfolio account live under one of these six categories. If you have Packages, this category will remain the same and appear in addition to these six.


If you have Digital Downloads or Self-fulfilled Products, these six new categories will be available for you to use, along with the same default categories you are familiar with (‘Digital Downloads’ and ‘Other Products’).


For current selling accounts: All products have been migrated and consolidated into the new categories on 9/22/2016 at midnight (PST). All the products you currently offer are still available for sale on your site, but may appear in a different category. Pease contact our Customer Support team for a detailed list on where items were mapped in the simplified categorization. We encourage you to login to your account, review the new categories, and make any needed updates.


If you have any additional questions, our Customer Support team is happy to help.


Happy Selling!


Update to Pre-Announcement on 9/6/2016

Coming Soon: Simplified Product Categories for Easier Buying & Selling

Product Categories Simplified-01

Leveraging 10 years of print product sales experience and consumer behavior insights, we are improving the categorization of products for an easier shopping experience. While photo industry insiders are fully in-the-know about the myriad of print products to search for, buy and sell, it’s probably not as instinctual for your clients to navigate this part of our world.

Therefore, we’re simplifying the product categories, making it more shopper-intuitive for both you and your clients to browse, buy and sell through your Zenfolio website/storefront. Coming soon, you will see six newly updated product categories that list the items that can be purchased. Digital Downloads and Packages will appear in addition to these. The new product categories are: Prints, Photo Gifts, Photo Albums & Books, Greeting Cards, Home Décor, and Marketing.


What does this mean for you?

The products you love to buy and sell will still be available with this reorganization. The only difference is that it may be living under one of the new categories/subcategories, so check back soon for updates!