Jenny Heyworth Joins the Zenfolio Pro Team!

June 7th, 2016

What makes a professional photographer successful? It’s all about finding your niche. The Zenfolio Pro Team represents a wide variety of photographers, from photojournalists to wedding photographers and everything in between.

We’re pleased to introduce the newest addition to our growing UK Pro Team, Jenny Heyworth of Jenny Heyworth Photography and Aspire Photography Training! A multitalented photographer, trainer and mentor, Jenny joins our extended family with a focus on food photography.

Growing up in the south of France immersed in the delightful colours and smells of the local food markets, food has forever been close to Jenny’s heart and a strong influence in her journey as a food photographer. A self-described foodie and hopeless romantic, Jen also happens to be engaged to a chef who runs a busy restaurant—so the art of food and food photography is sure to remain an integral part of Jenny’s life.

First published in Professional Photographer magazine in 2012, Jenny’s photography has been on a stratospheric rise ever since. Food photography is just one of the many styles of photography Jenny excels in. She also does commercial, weddings and portraiture and still finds time to inspire, train and mentor upcoming photographers in her role with award-winning Aspire Photography Training.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Jenny into our family and are looking forward to seeing more of her work! To learn more about Jenny visit her Pro Team page, and check out her impressive Zenfolio site here complete with drool-worthy images!