Make Extra Cash This Holiday with Templated Cards

November 20th, 2013

We could all use some extra cash during the holidays, especially after shopping for every friend and family member on your list while trying to host that perfect party. Put your mind at ease this season by featuring the Zenfolio Template Designer on your website. This tool allows clients to create a completely customizable holiday card in just a few clicks.

“If clients can upload photos to Facebook, they can order these custom products,” says Pro Team photographer Sara Kauss, who also mentioned that the custom template design option was her favorite new product from Zenfolio in Professional Photographer magazine.

Creating the cards is easy. You select which designs to sell on your website from our wide selection, and then clients can choose the design and card style of their choice. They then:

1)    Upload photos directly onto the card using our drag-and-drop tools
2)    Write a personalized message on the text placeholders
3)    View what the final product will look like before adding it to their shopping cart

For more details and step-by-step instructions, read our template designer help article.

Even the most technically challenged can create a beautiful product. When clients are creating their cards, point-and-click directors guide them at every step of the way.

You can also feature these custom design cards all year round; they work for any occasion. And cards aside, there are additional products, such as magnets, which Pro Team member J.P. Elario says are a big seller on his site.

“They are a great product for photographers to use as an upsell with wedding clients. They love the idea of sending engagement save-the-dates as a keepsake magnet instead of just mailing their guests a paper card,” he says in Rangefinder magazine.

And adding a personal touch is what attracts customers. “My clients have the ability to take a photo they love and create custom text describing details of their child’s birth or the name of their high-school graduate,” says Kauss. And with many designs to choose from, including ones you make yourself, clients have a lot of options.

“Even for photographers who don’t want to create their own templates, Zenfolio already has a lot of gorgeous templates and fonts that clients will respond to,” says Elario.

This allows for a streamlined shoot-to-print process that means clients won’t have to run from place to place.

“It enables you to be a one-stop-shop for your customers, and you don’t have to rely on other printers or go to another lab,” says wedding photographer Evan Chung.

“I just did a family shoot and they were expecting it to take a week or two to get the photos and then go order them some other place, and instead they can purchase it directly from my website. They had to come to the website to get the photos, but then they never have to leave.”

By adding this feature to your website, you can make clients feel like they have more freedom to create exactly what they want, when they want. Make the holidays extra special this year for you and your customers with this exceptional feature.