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Maximizing Your Holiday Marketing With Animoto


You may have heard of Animoto– the video tool that is changing the game for small businesses who want to make videos to market their work but don’t know where to start. We sat down with them to get the low-down on how easy it is to build videos with Animoto, and to hear how photographers are finding success using their tools to land new clients, and boost sales with current ones. 

How exactly does Animoto make video-creation accessible to the average person?  

Animoto makes it easy for anyone make quality video slideshows and marketing videos through a drag-and-drop interface that’s user-friendly and intuitive, as opposed to timeline-based professional editors that require expertise and training. Animoto lets you combine video clips, photos, text, logos, and music together into a professional-looking video.  We’ve done all the fancy design work to create professional transitions and backgrounds for you, offering over 100 templates, or video styles, that will determine how your video looks.  All you have to do is upload your photos or video clips, choose a song, add some text if you feel it needs it, and then hit produce.

What makes video such a compelling media for promotion?

Photographs set to music create a mood and evoke emotion within people, helping them develop an instant attachment to the photographs.  

Also, since the introduction of social media, people are also less inclined to read about a product.  In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Animoto, we found that 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.
A combination of these two factors makes video the ideal platform to boost your business, using video as a tool for sales and marketing.

What tools does Animoto have that would help photographers grow and market their businesses?

Animoto itself is a very powerful video tool that photographers have been using for years to grow and market their business. But, under the hood, we have several features that streamline their workflow:

  1. Triple Scoop Music: Animoto offers an extensive library of commercially-licensed music.  Animoto Professional includes over 3,000 songs cleared for commercial use plus over 1,000 from Triple Scoop Music. Triple Scoop Music has been providing world-class music to creative professionals since 2006. They have a diverse and impressive catalog of songs from Grammy & Emmy award-winning artists.
  2. Native export: Once you have created a video, Animoto makes it easy to upload it directly to each social media or video site. You can easily share to Facebook, YouTube, and a number of other sites straight from your video’s play page.
  3. Styles designed by photographers: Animoto has over 100 video styles, or templates, to choose from that will dictate the look and feel of your video. Some are quite animated but, for the professional looking for a simple solution, there are also a number of cleaner styles that allow the images to provide the wow factor.  In creating many of these styles, we teamed up with some of the industry’s best wedding and portrait photographers, including Tamara Lackey, Jerry Ghionis, Kelly Brown, and Jen Rozenbaum.  These Premium styles are specifically designed by photographers for photographers.

What kind of success are your users seeing with their Animoto videos?

For the longest time, photographers have used Animoto in the sales room to reveal the entire collection of images to the client at the beginning of the sales session.  Many photographers also claim that the client will most likely want to take the slideshow home with them, giving the photographer the opportunity to offer it as incentive to upsell.  

More recently, in a world where digital technology, social media and the internet dominate our lives and business, traditional advertising has evolved into the world of content marketing – specifically video content.  Kristina Houser, a  wedding and portrait photographer from Tampa, Florida recently created an Animoto video to promote her headshot sessions and posted it as an ad on Facebook.  She saw an increase of 60% in her headshot bookings that month and 27x increase in traffic to her website.  After creating her first ever marketing video, Australian newborn photographer Carolina Pante posted her video to Facebook and spent a mere $15 to boost it for 3 days. The result was over 5000 video views and 10 inquiries from people  who had seen the video, 3 of which booked a session within those 3 days.

 What advice do you have for a photographer creating videos with Animoto for the first time?  

  • Keep it short. 45 – 90 seconds is usually the optimum length your video should be.
  • Tell a story. You want to keep your viewer engaged and interested.
  • Use text. Text will help you accentuate your message, as well as stand out on social media, where videos typically play silently.
  • Set the tone with music. Choose the right style and pace to suit the message you’re trying to convey.

See how Animoto can impact your business, and get started here.