More New Phone Cases at a Great Base Price!

July 6th, 2018

Are you selling one of the top custom photo gifts that every client could use on the daily?

Everyone under the sun this summer is carrying a smartphone so if you haven’t added these custom phone cases to your price list just yet—it’s time! With a few quick clicks add these cases to a price list, set your markup, and assign your price list to one of your shoppable galleries.

We just added the brand new Samsung A9 tough case and the LG G7 case – so don’t forget to add those to your price list! Also, because we love you and we want to help increase your profit margins, all iPhone and Galaxy tough phone cases (regular and plus sizes) have been reduced to $25. They are the same great cases, but at a lower base lab price.
We recommend you mark up these phone cases 60% to 80% above the base lab price, for a client price of $40-45. For every phone case you sell, your profit will be $20-$25. Sell five or more and you’ve just profited over $100! Hello cash monies! #makeitrain

Add phone cases to your price list now. But why stop there? Join in on the fun by purchasing and customizing your own case to show off your best work!