MpixPro Press Print Papers These Luxurious Papers Are Sure to Impress

August 10th, 2015


These Luxurious Papers Are Sure to Impress

By Amanda Burse


Zenfolio offers fantastic photo paper and press print products, if I do say so myself. I recently took a closer look at our selection of MpixPro photographic print papers, and in this post, I examine the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G press paper offerings from MpixPro and Miller’s.

When I first started as a wedding photographer, I began the overwhelming task of looking for promotional postcards and other goodies to hand out to my clients. I wanted something that looked high end without the high cost. Also, as my family  portrait client base grew, people were asking more and more for cards that went above and beyond the discount store offerings. Cost was a huge factor—my family clients simply could not afford a set of 15 cards for $100. Finding that kind of product at a good price was tough 10 years ago, but that is not the case any more.

MpixPro and Miller’s press print products are both beautiful and affordable. All of these card products have their own color attributes, just like with the photo paper. But the feel of them… oh the feel… is so luxurious. The textures feel just as elegant as they look.

There are seven different press paper options available through your Zenfolio account. Let’s take a look at them.


MpixPro’s Premium Bamboo paper has a warm tone and a matte finish. It’s perfect for high-end press cards. It has a unique watercolor appearance and texture, which adds subtle definition to the paper. It’s almost as if the paper’s pebbly texture hints at the sturdiness and rigidity of its original form— bamboo. As an added benefit, it is completely eco-friendly.



These stunning 100% Premium Cotton cards are reminiscent of the old, fine, leather-bound book paper. With little to no gloss, this paper soaks up light, leaving vibrant colors and a muted matte finish. This lavish product is perfect to show to clients who want an boutique look and feel to their cards. I found that my future brides picked this most often for engagement announcements because of its unique look. Definitely bring along some samples to show your clients—it sells them every time!



Although most of MpixPro’s cards are eco-friendly, if you want to go the extra mile for Mother Earth, try the 100% Recycled press cards. These are made completely from recycled paper. This press paper has a bright white, matte finish and it really makes your colors pop!



Do you like your images to not only pop but sparkle too? I like shiny things, which is why I love the Pearl cards. The luminous finish is what makes this product unique. Natural minerals and organic pigments combine to give this paper a glorious sheen. And, even though it is radiant and fabulously rich looking, it is environmentally friendly—perfect for the discerning, earth-conscious client.



MpixPro’s Classic Felt Press Paper has an old world, fabric feel. Not only is it luxurious to touch but its smooth finish, creates a high quality, timeless option for press products. I just love its texture… you really have to feel it to appreciate it.



The Linen finish has sumptuous and vivid color, as well as a rich texture in the form of ever-so-light lines going both vertically and horizontally across the paper. This subtle texture is barely felt to the touch but creates an extravagant appearance. Every single promotional item I have ever printed is on this paper. It has helped me sell my brand and has boosted my image as more of a boutique photographer.


Cover Stock

Do you need something heavy duty? What I love most about the 120# Cover Stock is how well it holds up. I have made a lot of kids’ birthday invites out of this paper! It really makes those colors pop. Its patented coated surface is acid free, providing superior archival quality for your client’s most treasured memories. Business cards, postcards, folded cards, books—I could go on for days. It is just a great all around paper!

cardstockpressCover Stock

Hands down, you cannot go wrong with any of these papers. As soon as I started showing my clients these gorgeous products, they fell in love with them just as much as I did, and my sales soared to new levels. Combining your images with these papers is a match made in photographic sales heaven!

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Amanda BurseAmanda BurseAmanda is a devoted wife and mom to four children between the ages of 2 and 12. She is part of the Zenfolio Customer Support Team and has been a professional photographer for eight years.