Never Enough Time? JPEGmini Pro Finds It for You

June 17th, 2015

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Time: How to get it back on your side 

Time is never on your side, especially if you are a wedding photographer. Luckily, there is a method that Paul McPherson, owner of Shutterfreek, uses that saves him three to five hours of editing time per wedding.

Imagine for a second what you would do with those extra hours—would you spend more time with your kids? Would you improve your craft? What about finally having time for that pro bono project you found so interesting?

Paul was able to save himself time by adding JPEGmini Pro to his photo editing workflow.


“Last year we shot approximately 30 weddings. We are shooting three to 5,000 photos per wedding, and from that we will edit anywhere from 900-1,500 of the best images,” says Paul.

“After we’ve shot a wedding, we’ll back it up and import the photos to our primary hard drives (Mac Pro) for post-processing. Before we import them to Lightroom, we are using JPEGmini Pro to compress those photos and reduce their weight in order to save space on the main machine and to speed up the editing workflow.”

Speed up the Editing Process

It’s painful to edit an original JPEG. It takes a long time to render because of the size. Granted it’s a matter of a few seconds, but every second adds up. Once the seconds start adding up, you are slowing your editing time down.

We consulted with Paul to hear a bit about how he handles this with his workflow. He spends the majority of his time getting everything fine-tuned with adjustments and presets on groups of images. Then he will start batch processing those images with JPEGmini (using the Adobe Lightroom plug-in). This is how he speeds the process up since the file sizes are significantly smaller. Even load time in Lightroom has sped up, which has enhanced his workflow.

JPEGmini Pro Under the Loupe

Save Not Just Time but Money

“I use 4GB flash drives to deliver the photos to our clients. Those 3,000 photos were down to 12GB on two or three USB drives when they previously would have taken six or seven USB drives,” says Paul.

“I’ve been using JPEGmini for the past two years and delivered more than 100 weddings and have never had a client complain about the quality of the photos. On average, JPEGmini saved me anywhere from three to five hours per wedding. Plus, it saved me a lot of money having to invest in hard drives.”

Lightroom Plugin Workflow

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JPEGmini has a new discount for Zenfolio users. Take advantage of this exclusive benefit now! Learn more.