New Home Decor Product: Print Wraps

July 30th, 2018

New Print Wraps with base lab prices starting at $39 are available in Zenfolio’s Home Decor catalog! Your clients can enjoy quality personalized art to deck out their homes while you profit on each sale.

If you log into your Zenfolio account and navigate to the Home Decor catalog, you’ll find the new Print Wraps waiting to be added to your price list. These quality wraps range in size starting at an 8×8  to a large 16×24. At low base price points you can increase your print margins while keeping the markup affordable for your clients. Tada! Viola! Everyone wins.




These new products are going to be a favorite this summer and on into the 2018 holiday season so add them to your price list now if you have a Pro or Advanced Zenfolio plan. Or, buy one for yourself to showcase your best work on your home or office gallery walls.