New Kids on the Block: Meet Our New Pro Team Members

February 9th, 2015

What makes a professional photographer successful? It’s all about finding your niche. Here at Zenfolio, we carefully select members of our Pro Team that represent a wide variety of photographers, from photojournalists to wedding photographers and everything in between. Meet the three new members we’ve added this year, and prepare to take notes.


This Nashville born and bred ex-professional wrestler, you heard that right—wrestler—has five dogs and understands the deep bond between pet and owner. Although she primarily works with dogs and cats, this animal lover also shoots giraffes, birds and things that slither, serving as the official photographer and photography teacher for the Nashville Zoo.

First published work: Because I’m the official photographer for the Nashville Zoo, my zoo animal images are published fairly often locally. My first national publication of my pet photography was Animal Wellness magazine. I’m pretty sure I screamed when I saw it in the mailbox.

Her shoot must-haves: Reflectors of various sizes and colors. Also dog treats, squeaky toys, and hand wipes. I tend to be slobbered on quite a bit.

Her trade secret: I try not to photograph different pets in the same pose, with the same background over and over again. I like to challenge myself to get creative, and that keeps my work interesting.


Photography has always been apart of Martin’s life—he followed in his photographer father’s footsteps and started snapping photos at the ripe age of 16. Growing up in a thriving music and party scene, Martin draws inspiration from everything: the streets, shadows of people and his toddler son. He has racked up several awards including Event Photographer of the Year in 2012 by SWPP.

First published work: The first photo I ever sent in to a magazine. It was used to illustrate an article in Practical Photography in 1995. I got paid £10.

Shoot must-haves: Gaffer tape. That stuff is invaluable. Fixing equipment, pinning clothes, attaching lights to things. I have an old 120 roll film spindle that is perfect for wrapping a load of gaffer tape round, and it takes up much less space than taking the whole roll would.

His trade secret: Don’t ever feel scared, no one else knows what he or she is doing either.


This traveling adventurer comes with a one-two punch: he is part professional photographer and part medical doctor who volunteers his time in far-reaching corners of the earth like India and Nepal. Andrew is Australia-based and has racked up several awards, including 2013 PDN Great Outdoors ‘Scenes of the Natural World’ and 2013 Australian Geographic ANZANG Portfolio and Animal Portrait prizes.

First published work: An image that appeared in Climbing magazine’s gallery of an unknown climber trying vainly to get up a horrendous looking off-width (very wide crack) in the immaculate, sheer, smooth sandstone of Indian Creek, Utah.

Shoot must-haves: My iPhone so I can post something less serious and of course heavily stylized on Instagram.

His trade secret: Don’t smoke, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and eat and drink everything in moderation… oh wait, that’s my medical trade secret. Clearly this is not a secret per se but for me choosing what to leave out of the viewfinder is as important as what is included.

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