New Product Details Page: Shopping Simplified

May 12th, 2017

Over the past several months our product team has been releasing features and improvements designed to make shopping on Zenfolio effortless for both you and your clients. We are pleased to announce the final major release of the New Shopping Experience with the introduction of the new Product Details Page.


When selecting a product to purchase, your client will now see all the information about that item on a single page. Previously, different product features—like size, price, and description— were shown in multiple pop-ups. This sometimes caused shoppers to get lost during the ever-important buying process, which increased the risk for lost sales. That risk is reduced with the new product page.  


You’ll also see product information organized in a modern, clean design that mirrors your site’s theme. Clients can still adjust the image crop from this page, and so much more. The photo your client has chosen is featured within the product they want to purchase. For example, if a client is buying a 20” x 30” Standout Display, the details page will show their photo in that product, with additional images showing other product views; in this case, an image showing the available colors and width of the trim.


Product Deets


The Product Details Page is rich with useful information:


  • For items larger than 5” x 7,” the Product Details Page includes a sizing chart that gives a scaled representation of how large an item appears when shown next to a human silhouette.


  • A drop-down tab on the item allows shoppers to see additional product information,or choose another item within the product subcategory without being sent to another page.


  • The Product Details Page is shareable, allowing clients to send a link to another person for review before making the final purchase.


The only way for you and your clients to see the new Product Details Page during checkout is to turn on the New Shopping Experience. On June 22, the New Shopping Experience will be enabled for all accounts that have a price list assigned to a photo or gallery. On this date, the option to turn off the NSE will no longer be available, so we encourage you to turn it on today to familiarize yourself with the new features and functionality. You can enable the New Shopping Experience by logging in to your Zenfolio account: from the Dashboard, click Turn On in the Zenbar located at the top of your screen.

Learn More in the New Shopping Experience FAQ.