New Shopping Experience Update: Better Browsing, Faster Buying with Improved Client Shopping

January 19th, 2017

Cheers to the new year and an enhancement to the New Shopping Experience! Here is a quick recap of big ticket items that have been rolled out thus far:

  1. To help boost your online sales, the easy one-click add to cart to shorten your client’s path to purchase was released.

  2. To create a more intuitive and client-friendly shopping experience, we simplified product categories (reduced 16 categories to six: Prints, Home Decor, Greeting Cards, Photo Gifts, Albums & Books, and Other).

  3. For a more personalized shopping experience, your client’s photos instantly appear in product categories.

  4. Most recently, we optimized your Shop homepage (1) to make it easier for your clients instantly preview what you offer with a short list of products within category icons, and (2) prominently displayed packages to encourage more package purchases to increase overall sales volume.



Your clients can preview various products in an organized grid layout and use the new filtering tool to find items of interest for better browsing and faster buying. From your Shop homepage, when your clients click on one of the main product categories, they will be taken to a redesigned subcategory page with filtering options and a sleek grid layout.


This grid layout presents an organized preview of subcategory items you offer (e.g., Home Decor >> Canvas Prints, Collages, etc.). Your clients can filter by various attributes such as by product type and size prior to adding to cart. For photographers who offer single-image and multi-image template based products, all design options will be displayed in the grid layout. Your clients can then filter by occasion, size, etc. to quickly find, personalize and buy. For instance, when your clients click on “Greeting Cards,” they can preview all the greeting card designs and filter by occasion (such as “Birthday”).


The New Shopping Experience is optimized for you, your business and your clients by incorporating your feedback and e-commerce best practices. Our goal is to help increase your sales by providing better selling tools for you, and an intuitive and easy to navigate client shopping experience. For more information and how to turn on the New Shopping Experience in your account, click here.