On the Road: Selling in Chicago

July 11th, 2013

On the Road recap by Eugene Feygin

I recently attended the On the Road event in Chicago and chose to take the Lucrative Sales Session with David & Whitney Scott. I picked this topic because I wanted to brush up on my sales skills and see if I could learn some new techniques. The following is my synopsis of the event and this portion of the workshops in particular.

Opening shots

The workshops I attended at On the Road were pretty similar to past events I have attended across the country. However, the group sizes in each class allowed me to better communicate with the speakers and really make sure that I understood everything being presented. Overall the atmosphere of the event was pretty uplifting, and everyone seemed to interact very often. It was a great blend of ages and styles from all over the country.

There was a nice variety of presentations during the two-day event, providing an in-depth look at most of the issues photographers face in their line of work. In some cases there were situations presented that I never even thought could happen. Now, with the knowledge I learned at this event, I am more prepared for whatever happens to pop up in the course of my work.   

Breakout sessions

I attended two portfolio reviews during the workshop. Prior to the portfolio reviews I was not yet sure of the right direction to take my photography. After meeting with both of the reviewers I feel more confident in my work.

The first reviewer I spoke with gave me some valuable insight on how I should approach my event photography and gave me some much needed inspiration to move forward with my craft. I also chatted with reviewers about my lighting techniques and how I can further develop and advance. The portfolio review format was great, and it was really inspiring for me and the other photographers. We didn’t even mind waiting in line because that gave us a chance to chat with each other about what we do and in some cases exchange key points about what we learned from the classes.

In addition to the portfolio reviews I also attended the Lucrative Sales Session course, the primary focus of which was to help photographers understand the strategy behind pricing and how varying pricing structures can increase sales. I was intrigued by this idea, and the speakers really delivered. Their presentation covered the psychology of product pricing and how customers perceive value. They went into detail about how they present their work and shared some statistics on techniques they have tried in the past that have helped increase their sales. Overall the speakers did a great job, giving valuable tips to all the photographers in attendance.

Back on the road and ready for anything

Throughout the event the presenters I saw gave me a lot of insightful marketing ideas to help me skyrocket my business to a whole new level. From the different pricing strategies to looking at new avenues I should be concentrating on that I never considered before, I learned a ton of valuable info. The presenters really understood their material and came to this event as veteran photographers who were still learning but had a lot to offer. All the presenters I came into contact with were very approachable and offered the participants the ability to have a great dialogue.

Thanks to the classes I took I am now looking at my business from a different perspective. I plan to use this knowledge to help my business advance to a whole new level. I plan on investing more time and finances into the marketing of my photography and helping my future clients understand the unique value that I bring with my skills.