One Vision Imaging is more than a professional photographic laboratory, it’s a way of life!

April 2nd, 2012

We strive to offer Zenfolians the best of everything, which is why we have partnered with One Vision Imaging, one of the best professional photographic laboratories in the UK. For well over 30 years One Vision Imaging has been servicing professional photographers with the very highest standards of processing and finishing. Today, One Vision Imaging gives a sneak peek into their way of life and how they achieve their unrivaled quality of prints and products.

One Vision Imaging is more than a professional photographic laboratory, it’s a way of life!

The photographic industry has been through its fair share of change over the last decade. The transition from film, to digital, turned our world upside down! Sadly, there were many casualties, including some very high-end and well established businesses. Those whom survived carried huge scars, but One Vision has emerged leaner and fitter.

To put this theory into perspective, we used to have 35,000 square feet of production space; we now have 12,000. A significant amount of this space was taken up by 24 ‘Durst’ Optical Printers, Five Hand Enlargers (each boasting their own darkroom), huge paper processors, and not one or two, but three film processors; E6, C41 and Black and White. Today, just five Fuji Frontiers and one Oce Lightjet replace the aforementioned machines.

We had over 100 staff, where we now have just under 40. Nineteen of those have been with us for over fifteen years each and carry forward an unrivaled experience in both traditional and modern methods of processing. Our staff are, without doubt, the key to our success, as for so many of us this isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life – one that has come about through our passion for excellence. Many of us are also experienced professional photographers who understand what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence, and almost all our staff have a real love of photography.

As a business that has experienced tough times, we know never to take anything for granted, especially our customers. We understand the need to stay in touch with the latest technology and tirelessly work to make this happen. Our qualified and experienced IT team are always looking for how we can improve the way in which our customers interact with us and place orders. We are continuously innovating new ‘Products’ & ‘Services’ and are always sourcing new materials and machinery to work with in order to improve existing methods.

Whilst it might be very obvious, we wholeheartedly believe that the best way a professional photographer can be successful in business is by being behind the camera taking pictures, and leaving the rest to us. Many of our customers share this belief and consider One Vision as their right hand man and essential business partner. We take great pride in this knowledge.

Behind all this – the machines, the technology, products & services – the central most important thing to One Vision Imaging and customers alike, is our un-resolving commitment to produce high quality images every time. No matter what the product; from Canvas Wrap to Photo Book, we firmly believe that without perfect colour, density and contrast, it is all irrelevant. This is exactly why we train our staff in the art of colour assessing to the nth degree. All of our printing devices are calibrated to one another to ensure that whichever machine we send your images to be printed from, your prints remain an exact colour match to our screens. Even our staff have their own unique colour calibrated monitors to match their indifferences as to how they interpret colour. This ensures no matter who prints, a neutral and consistent colour balance is achieved throughout. We also appreciate that colour is subjective and whilst some like it warm others like theirs cool and this is where the partnership comes into play. Having a good relationship with our photographers is essential to both parties success. Our Customer Care team are at the coalface of this interaction and will arrange printed colour tests for photographers to ensure we sing from the same ‘test files’.

We believe any professional photographer wanting to attain perfection will choose One Vision Imaging and become a customer for life!