Product Spotlight: Drop it MODERN Velvet Backdrops

December 24th, 2014

Review by Amiee Stubbs

As a pet photographer, I typically do the bulk of my sessions outdoors to utilize as much natural light as possible, and I always try to use locations that offer interesting textures and bright color contrasts. I don’t work in my studio very often, but when I do, I want to be able to give my clients images that are just as unique, current and fresh as they’ve come to expect with my outdoor and on-location work. I was thrilled to find the Drop it MODERN velvet backdrops allowed me to do just that.

In the colder months, I do more work in the studio than any other time of the year. I recently ordered two Drop it MODERN velvet backdrops and was eager to try them during my first studio session this winter. I used Vixen, a deep red design on black fabric, and Mother Nature, which had a darker velvet peach pattern on a lighter peach material. Over the course of the evening, I had four dogs and a cat in the studio. All of my clients were very impressed with the vivid color and contemporary designs. The backdrops have such a rich texture that they also work very well for classic black-and-white photographs.

I ordered the Vixen design in the 4.5’ x 9’ and the Mother Nature design in the 9’ x 9’ size. The smaller backdrop was a good size, and worked perfectly to photograph two small dogs at once. For anything more than two dogs, the 9’ x 9’ was a better fit. With a typical vinyl backdrop, it’s a little easier to sweep off dog hair, but I found that a lint roller worked perfectly to clean it up for my next client. If most of your subjects are human, you probably won’t have to worry about that!

I love that these backdrops have a loop sewn in. It seems like I’m never quite coordinated enough with the clamps when I’m trying to hang traditional vinyl or canvas backdrops by myself, so the loop completely eliminated that problem.  This also made it very easy to change the backdrops quickly, and make adjustments to my setup without sacrificing the attention span of my four-legged clients.

One of my favorite things about these backdrops is that I can fold them up and transport them more easily than a typical rolled backdrop. Because they are so easily transportable and easy to set up, the backdrops will function well both in studio and on-location. Since I don’t spend a whole lot of time in studio, I’m excited to see how easily I can use these backdrops to add another option for on-location work.

Amiee Stubbs is a pet and music photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee, where her life-long love of animals led her to become Nashville’s leading pet photographer. Having five dogs herself, Amiee deeply understands the complex relationship between pet and owner. She also serves as Official Photographer and Photography Teacher for the Nashville Zoo.