Product Spotlight: Photobacks Digital Enhancement Tools

February 26th, 2014

When it comes to post-processing, time-saving programs and tools can really be a lifesaver for busy photographers. Enter Photobacks, the image enhancement program that has a Photoshop plug-in to enhance your photos with digital backgrounds, textures, overlays, actions and more.

Family portrait photographer Sunee Palladay, who also triples as a full-time mom and Zenfolio customer support lead, put Photobacks to the test to see how it would aid her busy life. Her favorite aspect: templates. “The thing I really like about using templates in general is that all of this would take time and you probably would not have consistency. I like templates where you can just drag and drop in elements as needed, and that’s what you can do with Photobacks tools,” says Palladay.

Palladay, who primarily shoots families, babies and children, used Photobacks for the templates, birth announcements and senior portrait backgrounds, overlays and actions. “The templates were easy to use, but they didn’t have a ton of actions to choose from. I would have loved to try more.”

Photobacks offers a wide variety of packages and products suitable for any type of photographer. Each package features an array of templates, digital backdrops and Photoshop actions. So you can purchase whatever package best suits the needs of your individual business.

Palladay recommends Photobacks be used for fashion, editorial and some modeling work. “So that modeling agencies can just see the photo with very minimal detail. Also maybe more conservative, traditional photographers,” she says.

“My clientele wants to see more sweet, fresh, clean and modern designs. The Photobacks designs I had access to are more masculine, and they could be modernized a bit, but they do work for different types of photography.”

Palladay tried out both the Signature and Clarity packages.

  • Signature: $140 Includes 265+ Photoshop templates, digital backgrounds, photo overlays, textures and video tutorials.
  • Clarity: $80 Includes 130+ Photoshop templates, digital backgrounds, Photoshop actions and video tutorials.

With everything that Photobacks offers users might not know where to start, so the service provides easy-to-follow video tutorials and free webinars to help you at every step of the way.

“I would definitely consider the Photobacks tools in the future for certain projects,” says Palladay. “It helps save me a big chunk of time.”

About Photobacks

Founded in 2004 and located in Southern California, Photobacks LLC is a privately held company that develops and offers an extensive line of digital image enhancement products. These tools include digital templates, digital backgrounds, Photoshop actions and video tutorials. The Photobacks team is dedicated to creating products to help photographers get incredible results that stand out well above the crowd.




Sunee is a professional family portrait photographer living in the San Francisco Bay area. She started photographing children and families when she worked as a nanny and honed her craft while studying fine art photography at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her preferred photography style is unique and candid, with a modern twist. In addition to running her increasingly successful part-time photography business, she has worked in Customer Support at Zenfolio over the last three years.