Product Spotlight: Photodex Pro Show Web

December 16th, 2013

As a portrait photographer specializing in boudoir and beauty photography, I have used several slideshow programs in the past to display my images in a beautiful, eye-catching way on my website. I am pretty efficient at creating slideshows and was excited to try Photodex’s ProShow Web service to see how it compares to other programs I have used.

As a photographer, it is important to display my work in a way that is visually appealing to clients. While doing this review, I quickly learned that with ProShow Web I could easily create a professional quality slideshow in just minutes that is polished enough to impress my clients.

ProShow Web makes the slideshow creation process very easy. All you have to do is pick a theme/template, import your pictures, chose a song, click ‘create slideshow’ and you’re done. Just like that, you have a wonderful, professionally made slideshow to share with your clients.

If you’re the type who likes to be more creative and have more control, you have many options. Photodex even has an app you can use to create slideshows on your phone/devices.

The template selection is also quite extensive, which makes creating slideshows really easy depending on what type of photography you are showcasing. Photodex even has seasonal themes. For example, I used the new Rustic Autumn template numerous times in the past month for my family sessions. Some other designs I love are Celebration, Senior Style, and Damask Elegance. I’m looking forward to using the holiday templates as well. And for the boudoir side of my business, I always use Kiss. There are too many to name – my list could go on! But there truly is something for every occasion.

With this new service, I am able to import my images directly from my Zenfolio website, making it convenient and efficient. You can also directly import images from your computer and various other sites, such as Flickr, Dropbox and Instagram. There is no limit to the number of images you can use. Plus, you can add videos. Once you add a video, you can trim it if needed so you don’t have to edit beforehand. And the animations and transition effects add a really fun effect. It comes with multiple options you can use, or you can even buy specialty effect packs, which are perfect for sports photography or weddings. I found the freebies were more than enough for me. You can also add a title page to your slideshow, which is a nice touch. It gives you the option of just a heading, or also adding a subhead. I like to put the name as the heading and the date of the session as my subhead.

Another feature I enjoyed was the ability to upload my logo and place it directly into the slideshow where it appears in every frame in the bottom right hand corner. This is a great branding opportunity in case this slideshow is shared on social media or shown to any friends and family members at home. You are also able to pick a key image to be your “poster page,” which is the first image that shows up when clients click on a slideshow. This is important as you want the first image to have a real wow factor. From there, you can also have a link directly to your website that opens in a new window. This helps direct clients’ family and friends who will view the slideshow directly on your page, I just love that! See the example below:

Music truly sets the mood and enhances slideshows. ProShow Web has hundreds of royalty-free music you can use for your slideshow. It is really easy to browse all the categories, and ProShow Web has every type of music, suitable for: birthdays, celebrations, holidays, and even some acoustic options. Another useful feature is that you are able to star your favorites as you review songs for later use in another slideshow. I also love that your slideshow can be up to 20 minutes long and you can fill that time with multiple songs. ProShow Web also lists the music by instrumental or vocal so you can easily narrow down what you are looking for. The system lists the music by tempo or length and top picks, making it very easy to navigate. I purchased the rights to a song for my site that I am also able to upload into the slideshow. I also use Triple Scoop Music for slideshows as it is integrated with Zenfolio, making it easy to preview and add songs as needed. There is truly something for everyone, and it is very easy to create the right mood for your clients.

Last but not least, you can adjust the quality of your slideshows. To adjust the quality, you can save them as ‘basic online viewing’ all the way up to ‘true HD quality,’ with everything in between. Once a slideshow is saved, you can share online, embed it in a website or blog, or send the link to your clients. It also has a useful feature that shows you how many slideshow views you had.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Photodex ProShow Web to other photographers. It was very user-friendly from the moment I started exploring the website, and whenever I wasn’t clear on how to use a feature, the extensive online help and video tutorials were right there to walk me through it. There is even online and call support, but I never needed to contact them. I have been pleased with all the creative control I have had designing my slideshows and more importantly the impact they have made on my clients’ viewing experience.

To view an example, I recently created a slideshow from Photodex ProShow Web that is integrated onto my website, and I love the way it looks. Check it out here:

  Erica Pereenboom

Erica’s passion for photography is easy to see in her vibrant and dynamic images. Based in rural Ohio, Erica has been photographing people for as long as she can remember. Her raw talent combined with a casual, documentary style approach makes her a photographer to keep your eye on. Check out her main website here: