Product Spotlight: ProShow App

January 19th, 2015

online photo galleryBy Ana Teresa Galizes

I am a wedding photographer, so it is easy to see why an app that allows me to show a video slideshow of images to my clients might come in handy. I installed Photodex’s ProShow app on my iPad and was really pleased with its features. I had just finished editing Isabel and Billy’s photos, so it was exciting to be able to show them to Isabel with this app. Isabel and Billy are celebrating their anniversary apart, as Billy is getting his PhD in Oregon and Isabel is finishing her undergrad in North Carolina. They wanted some nice photos to give to their families, so I got together with them over the holidays for a photo session.

online photo galleryThe app is a companion to the full-blown ProShow Web slideshow creation service. With the app, you can log in and access all of your video slideshows. Photographers can make edits, share online, or download and save to the camera roll. There are many, many themes and effects to choose from with this program. Photographers can even import photos directly from their Zenfolio accounts, which is pretty awesome!

It was extremely easy to make my slideshow for Isabel to view, and that was probably because the tutorials on the site were very helpful. I gave myself a lot of extra time because I wasn’t sure how long it would take, but the app is so user-friendly that I finished in no time. Actually, before meeting with her, I went back and made a second slideshow, even snazzier than the first with different effects and music.

online photo galleryOne of the features that made the video slideshows easy to build was that I could preview all of the themes, transitions, and special effects before applying them. That way, I didn’t waste any time by applying something I didn’t like. The themes were customizable, giving me the ability to change the special effects and transitions that were paired with them.

The app lets users integrate royalty-free music, which is provided or you can upload your own music. How great is it to be able to set a couple’s slideshow to the tune of their first dance?! The slideshow is programmed to last as long as the music is playing, which is perfect.

online photo galleryNow, what I love about the app vs. using the web version is that I really don’t like to take a laptop with me when I meet my clients. Generally, I don’t show my clients anything on my laptop—they don’t need to see how messy my desktop is. Being able to present this video slideshow on my iPad is absolutely fantastic.

I definitely recommend this app to other wedding and portrait photographers because it’s an elegant way to present the finished product to clients. In the future, I plan on integrating this app into my business model.

Ana Teresa GalizesAna Teresa Galizes is a wedding photographer based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. She loves nothing more than to spend her weekends photographing couples, brides, and people in general. When she’s not doing photography she likes to travel or be in the front row of a good rock show.