Q&A with Summer Photo Contest Winner Dan Wenc

October 20th, 2014

The winner of this summer’s Zen Photo Contest is Dan Wenc of DM Wenc Photography. The man behind the camera explains how his hobby became a side business and why he doesn’t stick to one genre.


Tell us about your photo business.

What started out as hobby photography several years ago has evolved into a small side business. Some of my photos that began as hobby photography resulted in interest from some businesses, which purchased some of my work for use in their promotional material. Another portion of my business is portrait photography.


What was happening when you shot your winning photo?

I was away with my wife at Hampton, New Hampshire, as part of an anniversary weekend getaway. Out for a night walk on the beach while they were having fireworks, I brought my camera and tripod along, and it was my first try at shooting fireworks. In this photo I wanted to capture the fireworks, the beach and the boardwalk at night in the background.


Who are your main clients?

Portrait clients make up the majority of my revenue clients, with many return clients over the years. I don’t do much advertising; I rely on email newsletters, social media and word of mouth referrals to gain customers. A secondary category of clientele are those who purchase my photographs for display in their home or business, mostly of my scenic, landscape and railroad photography work. Using Zenfolio, my followers and customers have a choice of purchasing metal, canvas or standard prints to showcase my work. I’ve found that Zenfolio is the perfect place to host my photos.


What kind of photography do you specialize in?

It’s not necessarily specialized; it’s wide open and evolving. Railroad photography was my specialty when I first started. My photographs have appeared in several railroad publications and other industry works. Over the past few years, I’ve taken interest in other areas of photography, such as landscape and local points of interest in the Southern New England area. I also strive to find new ways to improve portrait photography, as that makes up most of my actual customer base. This summer, I got into photographing classic cars and concert/music photography. Concert photography is my current point of interest, and it’s inspiring me to get more involved and experienced in it. I don’t want to limit myself to one specialty in photography—I like to have the freedom to photograph what interests me and inspires me at that particular time in my life, depending on where I am and what I see.


What do you love most about photography?

Freedom and creativity are my favorite parts. It allows me to be creative with the capture of time and events the way I see it through the camera, and to produce some captivating images. Photography allows me to explore various subjects. And at the end of the day, if someone purchases a print or other work, it makes it all that much more worthwhile.


To see Dan’s work, visit his website at www.dmwencphotography.com