Safeguard Your Images with Zenfolio Copyright Protection Service

Trade in your next latte for turnkey image protection!

Tired of others using your photos online without your permission? Feeling a little lost as to what to do next? Get peace of mind knowing your images are protected from theft with the new Zenfolio Copyright Protection Service. With this add-on service, you’ll learn where and how your photos are being used online, and when applicable, we’ll pursue legal action against unauthorized use on your behalf.

How It Works

  1. We automatically scan your public photos on your Zenfolio site.

  2. You’ll learn where and how your images were used online via email alerts.

  3. Simply submit unauthorized uses with just one click. Our lawyers file a claim and resolve cases on your behalf.

  4. You get paid your share from claim resolutions, and funds go directly to your Zenfolio account.


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$8 $4/mo ($96 $48 billed annually)

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