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Sell 5 Tough Phone Cases and Profit $100+

Base Lab Price Decrease: All Tough Cases, Now $25

Same great phone cases, new lower (base) price!

In an effort to help increase your profit margins, all iPhone and Galaxy tough phone cases (regular and plus sizes) have been reduced to $25. They are the same great cases, but at a lower base lab price. Cha-ching! But wait—there’s more! Galaxy S9 Tough Cases are now available for you to offer to your clients, too. After all, most everyone has a phone case. Why not use it to feature a fabulous photo?

If you already have these phone cases in your price lists, you will now make up to $9 more on every case you sell without lifting a finger.

Not selling phone cases yet? It’s easy! Add them to your price list with just a few clicks. Add your markups and assign your price list to your shoppable gallery.

We recommend you mark up these phone cases 60% to 80% above the base lab price, for a client price of $40-45. And, viola! For every phone case you sell, your profit will be $20-$25. Sell five or more and you’ve just profited over $100.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so there’s no better time to add these and other photo gifts to your price list and send them off to clients. The shipping deadline for Mother’s Day is May 1, so add them today!