ShootDotEdit and Zenfolio

October 21st, 2010
ShootdotEdit Zenfolio connection

As I’m sure many of you have heard and read, Zenfolio and ShootDotEdit have launched a first-of-its-kind fully integrated partnership. Here to talk about the numerous features that ShootDotEdit has to offer and the benefits of this innovative partnership, the CEO of ShootDotEdit Jared Bauman.

ShootDotEdit and Zenfolio

From the beginning, ShootDotEdit was created to help the professional photographer.  Our goal is to cure the pain of post production that every photographer seems to experience.  Since the company was founded in 2007, we’ve been able to help over 2,000 professional photographers with this epidemic.

Our services range from core color correction all the way to Photoshop skill services. Our core color correction includes highlight and shadow control, exposure and density adjustments, contrast, fill light, and black point tweaks. Beyond core color, the real beauty of ShootDotEdit comes into play – letting us handle everything. In addition to core color correction we do everything from culling of images, to categorizing and uploading. This is where the real benefit of outsourcing is realized. Think of what your week might look like without any of the post production. Our photographers tell us that we save them between 10-20 hours per event. In turn, they are able to market their company, and relax a little.

Beyond post production, let’s not forget about album design!  Most wedding photographers provide their clients with a wedding album, and since we already have all of the completed images, it makes perfect sense to let ShootDotEdit handle that component.  Our album designs are competitively priced and comprehensively designed. Any changes needed are complimentary within the first two weeks, and we proof to you with the elegant Album Exposure software.

Every image that goes through ShootDotEdit’s lab is color corrected by hand – no batching and no presets.  Also, each image goes through our Quality Control department, ensuring complete accuracy and detail.  This is how we’re able to meet photographers’ expectations, every time.

Post production and image hosting go hand in hand.  An integration with a comprehensive image host company had become a top priority for us, as so many photographers are experiencing pain with the transition between the two.  Without a strong partner in the image hosting field, we are forced to send the completed event back to the photographer, who then in turn has to upload and submit to their website or photo hosting site.  There is so much wasted time, and so much extra work that needs to be done.  An integration with a hosting partner enables us to cure photographers’ pain in the transition.  We can completely remove those steps and continue to help the photographer with their time after the event. Zenfolio emerged as an obvious choice for us to partner with and we’re so excited to be working together!

What does ShootDotEdit bring to the table? For starters, we really do believe ShootDotEdit to be the mark of quality when it comes to post production in our industry. Others think so too: and

Our Quality Control department is a team of editors that spend their time only reviewing our work, and benchmark it against our high color standards.  Our comprehensive photographer profiling system allows us to maintain consistency, job in and job out, each and every time. Photographers answer a series of questions to build their profile, and we use this to ensure that their color is completely customized.  And, if anything needs adjusting, everything is tracked and adjustable in real time!  All photographers use our state of the art DotTracker, a robust and scalable platform that provides high quality customer service management and real-time status tracking abilities. Each photographer creates their unique profile, which stores studio and billing information.  In addition, photographers can submit events and track the status of each of their jobs.  These are just a few of the reasons why, over all the other companies, industry-leading photographers gravitate towards ShootDotEdit.

Like I’ve said, we’re very excited to become a part of the Zenfolio community, and help each and every one of you with all of your post production needs.  With this integration comes some great benefits for YOU!  Zenfolio photographers can now add the SHOOTDOTEDIT package to their yearly plan.

For $50/year, Zenfolio photographers will receive the following:

  • ALL images submitted for color processing will receive FREE processing to JPG (normally $0.04/image)!
  • ALL images receive FREE uploading to Zenfolio (normally $0.05/image)!
  • ANY order (image processing or album design) will receive 10% off!

Feel free to email, tweet or facebook us anytime!  We’re looking forward to connecting!

Cheers to NO MORE editing,

Jared Bauman
CEO / ShootDotEdit