ShootDotEdit: The New Workflow

June 7th, 2011
Color correcting

Post production and image hosting go hand in hand, so its only natural that ShootDotEdit and Zenfolio are partners. The post production geniuses at ShootDotEdit have announced their latest release and new features. Today they share all the details with us.

ShootDotEdit: The New Workflow

Leading up to WPPI 2011 we were on a mission. A mission to focus on being the best. We realized that the only way to truly be the best, was to specialize. So after taking inventory of our team’s experience, exhaustive internal number crunching and analyzing industry trends we came to a conclusion. Instead of just being good at doing post production editing for all photographers … we decided to be the best by focusing all our energies into staying on top of the industry and supporting the specialized demands of professional wedding photographers. At WPPI we officially announced ShootDotEdit 2.0! Now we are dedicated to focusing on providing advanced and customized service designed for wedding pros, and everything they shoot. “Clarity is the remedy” … as they say.

All growing businesses have growing pains. It’s the nature of the beast. The continuous battle with economic fluctuations, customer demands and that interesting love/hate relationship we have with technology. We’ve all been there … the sleepless nights worrying, long brainstorming sessions and inner soul searching. We learn the most about our customers’ needs, industry needs and our own business needs during these times. No pain no gain right? 🙂

We know that today’s wedding photographer is always evolving and we will never stop evolving with them. Almost everything in this world is becoming faster and simpler. As a wedding photographer and business owner we need to make sure that we are embracing this change and adapting. It seems that over the years wedding photographers have been on the endless journey to create a faster and simpler “digital work flow.”

With the introduction of ShootDotEdit 2.0 you should expect faster and simpler. Are you ready for “The New Workflow?”


  • Dedicated Customer Experience Team – Our team is highly experienced in what wedding photographers’ needs are and will ensure that you receive the utmost care and support. We now have dedicated team leaders who commit to helping customers define what profiles are best for their brand and other preferences. Our goal is to set you up for success by making the process as painless as possible.
  • Lightroom Integration – Your Meta Data is now automatically preserved when submitting your job. No longer will you need to submit your XMP Meta Data as a separate .zip file. Further streamlining the process, our Web Upload tool is now fully integrated with and in support of your custom workflow. Finally, your completed jobs are now returned as a newly updated LR Catalog!
  • World Wide Access – Submit your images to us from anywhere in the World via our Web Uploader. All you need is an Internet connection and once we receive your images, we can get to work!
  • New Web Uploader – The Re-built Web Uploader is stronger, faster, and smarter! We can now receive up to 1,000mbs per second, yes … that is 1Gigabyte per second! It communicates to you and now provides a status bar telling what % of the job has uploaded and when it is 100% completed. You can also test your Internet speed inside of our web upload tool and customer support is now built into the uploading experience!
  • Custom Color Profiles – During the profile setup stage, our Customer Experience Team will walk you through the process to ensure accuracy. This ensures that our editors will match your chosen profile every job … every time, by measuring our color based on your chosen preference.
  • NewJobSubmissionForm–Submit a job in 30 seconds or less! We restructured how a user places their order. Prior to 2.0, we used a “long form” that was cluttered and confusing. We have simplified the form and improved efficiency to help users get in and get out! (Note: Submitting a job is different than Uploading. This portion refers to placing your order. Also, to be clear “Registration” is different than “Job Submission.”)
  • dotTracker – The dotTracker serves as “mission control” for your Workflow. It boasts real time job tracking, allows you to check your job’s progress and produces auto notifications through out the whole process from job submission to job completion!
  • Zenfolio Integration – Now,while placing your job inside of our dotTracker, you can select from a folder/gallery that you have already created inside of your Zenfolio gallery or create a new folder/gallery inside of your Zenfolio account!

So what’s the deal with Zenfolio/ShootDotEdit partnership?

For $50/year, Zenfolio photographers will receive the following:

  • ALL images submitted for color processing will receive FREE processing to JPG (normally $0.04/image)!
  • ALL images receive FREE uploading to Zenfolio (normally $0.05/image)!
  • ANY order (image processing or album design) will receive 10% off!

For more info check out: Zenfolio/ShootDotEdit

Feel free to email, tweet or facebook us anytime! We’re looking forward to connecting!

Cheers to NO MORE editing,

The ShootDotEdit Team