Showcase your Photographer Central listing



Are you looking for an easy way to link to your Photographer Central listing from your website? Well, we’ve added this ability into your customization options to make it as easy as linking to one of your social media channels.

Adding a link to your Photographer Central listing has multiple benefits. Not only will clients be able to visit your page with a single click and read your testimonials from Yelp and Google Business, you’ll also be improving your SEO. Backlinks from a high traffic and reputable source will give your main photography website an extra boost that search engines recognize as factors for increasing your overall rank. 

Simply follow the steps below to add a custom Photographer Central icon to your contact page.

  1. Log in to your Zenfolio account and go to ‘Settings’ in your Edit View
  2. Click on ‘Social Media & Networks’ and fill in the Photographer Central field with the URL to your listing

And voila, that’s it! Once your Photographer Central listing is entered, a special icon and link will automatically appear alongside your other social media networks on your contact page. 


If you don’t already have a Photographer Central listing, you can sign up for one today to build your all-in-one reputation page and help more prospective clients find you. With a listing, you can:

  • Create an all-in-one listing for your business with high-resolution images, pricing information, contact information, client reviews, Yelp rating and review, and Google Business rating and review
  • Boost your SEO with additional online presence
  • Offer special deals to attract even more clients

For more information, visit Photographer Central.