Studio Tours: A Peek Inside Four Professional Photographers’ Studios

April 28th, 2014

Boxers have a boxing ring. Musical artists have a recording studio. Professional photographers have a photo studio. Although many photographers are on location for the majority of shoots, there’s much that goes on behind the scenes: editing, marketing, and general office work that occurs at any business, which usually happens at the studio. We asked four of our Pro Team members to give us a tour of their photo studios, galleries or work spaces to see what gets their creative juices flowing. From nostalgic family items to monthly gallery tours to annual parties, these photographers work, play and call their studios home.

J.P. Elario

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Studio Spot: Albany, NY

How did you end up with your studio address?

We have a great personal relationship with the family who owns and runs this bank, and as a favor they offered us a place to use temporarily. As time went on, we became more comfortable in the space and they love having us… so 10 years later this is where we are.

Do you do all of your work in-studio?

All editing, album design and marketing is done in-house by our editors, Jamie and Jenny, who we have an office for. I write 95 percent of my blog posts in the office as well as nonstop emails, Facebooking, etc.

What else goes on in your studio besides work?

We do an annual mixer in our common space that gets over 100 attendees. We completely fill the room with food, drinks, a DJ, cocktail tables and fun people. It’s a great event.

How do you stay inspired?

It might sound funny, but I always try to outdo my last shoot. It’s a personal battle I have with myself.

What do you love best about your studio?


Sara Kauss

Wedding Photographer

Studio Spot: Jupiter, FL

What inspired the creation of your studio?

Around my office are canvas prints from weddings photographed, album covers and 8×10 glossies of artists I’ve worked with, and sample wedding albums put in fun, old-fashioned crates on the wall.

Do you do all of your work in-studio?

I travel 80 percent of my life, so in my world, my studio space is whatever adorable coffee shop I’m in! Hopefully, one with good Wi-Fi.

What item in your studio can you not live without?

My cowboy boots! It’s kind of my signature. I love working in Nashville and photographing country music artists and events, and boots and country just go together.

What makes your studio unique?

All the little presents people have sent me. Everything in my studio has a story—the camera pillow from a dear friend of a client, the monogrammed Mickey Mouse ears from an adorable couple that loved Disney, the little pink camera on the shelf from my awesome sister-in-law.

What do you love best about your studio?


Erica Peerenboom

Senior Portrait and Boudoir Photographer

Studio Spot: Marysville, OH

Do you do all of your work in-studio?

About 75 percent of my boudoir work is done in-studio. About 35 percent of my senior work is done in-studio. The rest is on location.

What is your favorite personal item in your studio?

Without a doubt, my grandmother’s vintage mirror. I love it, and it ties in with my shabby chic look perfectly.

What else goes on in your studio besides work?

My girls like to use the hardwood floors as their dance space and slide around from time to time.

What in your studio can you not live without?

Music! I always have music going, whether I’m doing a session or editing away—it sets the mood.

What do you love best about your studio?


Amiee Stubbs

Pet Photographer

Studio Spot: Nashville, TN

What inspired the creation of your studio?

For over a year, I assisted the photographer who rented this gallery space before he moved to work in South Africa. I was already familiar with everything here, and I knew being a part of downtown Nashville’s monthly First Saturday Art Crawl [] would be beneficial for my business.

Is your studio open to the public?

I open it once a month for the art crawl and any other times by appointment. It’s a great place to show clients all of my available products since they’re always hanging on the walls here!

What’s unique about your studio?

I think I’m one of the few galleries that has its own small storage room. I have enough space for all of my studio equipment back there, plus I’ve got a sink and a little fridge. I’m all set!

How do you stay inspired?

Having hundreds of people pass through on that one night every month. I get instant feedback. That will always keep me motivated to work harder, and to be more creative with my work.

What do you love best about your studio?