The Globetrotter’s best friend: A Zen bag

July 3rd, 2013

“I first discovered this bag trekking through the Hindu Kush. The bright orange coloring made the wearer immediately distinguishable from the surrounding snow-covered landscape, which is essential to your survival should a calamity befall you. Immediately seeing the importance of this bag I acquired one for myself and quickly saw the utility of the hearty drawstrings as both a means to secure my field camera gear and as a way to carry the bag on my back, leaving my arms free to capture my daguerreotypes.” –from the journal of Sir Peter Arbuthnot, 1841

They’re out there. On tropical islands. Underneath the Eiffel tower. Beside the blue lagoon. Hiking, camping, and flying, in urban and undeveloped areas alike. Of course we’re referring to the Zen bags spotted in the wild.

During the last half year we have handed out free Zenfolio bags at trade shows and on the ZOOM Tour. With their signature bright orange color and white logo they’re tough to miss. During the trade shows we quickly saw them pressed into service carrying swag that attendees gathered from visiting the different vendor booths. More surprisingly, we also saw them on the streets of Atlanta at various venues after the trade show and frequently poolside during the WPPI Conference in Las Vegas.

Slowly but surely we’ve been collecting more shots of the bags as people have taken them on vacation and sent us photos. In a few cases photographers have even taken them on photo shoots and shared their well-composed images with us. We’ve heard they have even been in a wedding or two (but we’re still waiting for photographic evidence). Seeing as we are all about photographers and awesome images we decided to put all these photos together in a gallery and share them with you via Facebook and Google Plus.

Now here is where you come in. We would love to see what kind of photos YOU have of your Zen bag. Have you flown it from the mast of your  sailboat? Used it as a wind sock as you cruised Route 66? Shielded your head with it during an impromptu rain storm in Bora Bora? Caught a fly ball in it while attending a baseball game? Whatever and wherever you’ve brought it with you, we’d love to see a photo of it. Just upload the images to our Facebook wall or our Google plus page. We’re looking forward to seeing all the fun everyone is having. 🙂

Special thanks to Dan Ballard, David Liam Kyle, Williams Studio, Concept-A Photography, Erica Peerenboom and all those who have sent in awesome photos thus far.