The Next Phase of the New Shopping Experience is Here!

September 15th, 2016

10/21/2016 – LATEST UPDATES: Check out what’s new here.



Hooray! The Next Phase of New Shopping Experience is now here!*

To help grow your business, we’re launching the next phase of the New Shopping Experience. It is more intuitive and equipped with useful selling features. The improved experience leverages e-commerce best practices to make browsing and buying easier for your clients, and selling better for you.


Five key highlights in the New Shopping Experience:

1.  For a fully personalized experience, photos from your client’s galleries instantly appear on product categories while they are shopping. Personalized-Products

Available soon: Gallery icons will neatly showcase photos with orientation detection.


2.  One-click shopping makes it super easy for your clients to add single-item products to their cart in seconds. Featured-Products​The most popular items in your active price lists will automatically show for one-click shopping. Or, you can easily pick your own best-selling products to feature. New to selling? Instantly attach a pre-filled price list to your gallery with featured products already selected.    


3.  Prominently showcase your packages on your Shop Home page to increase your sales. Packages are displayed side-by-side in columns so your clients can quickly compare options. 



4.  And, we’ve simplified categories, making browsing and buying products more shopper-friendly for your clients: Prints, Albums & Books, Photo Gifts, Greeting Cards, Home Decor, and Marketing. All of the 2000+ items available to sell through Zenfolio live under one of these six categories. Digital Downloads and ‘Other Products’ for Self-fulfill are available and will appear in addition to the main category options. Packages will be prominently displayed above the categories of your Shop home page.


5.  A shipping estimator in the cart allows customers to conveniently estimate order total.



This is just the beginning… Our teams are working to progressively improve and roll out more features and functionalities in phases. Check your email and login notifications in your account dashboard for the most up-to-date news.

Get it now: Click “Turn on” in the Zenbar link (located at the top of your Dashboard) to turn on the new shopping experience now. Your storefront will immediately migrate over. You can easily turn it off and revert back to your original storefront by simply clicking “Turn off” in the Zenbar link again.


We’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedback, comments, and questions regarding the New Shopping Experience to [email protected].


*The New Shopping Experience available is for all U.S. Pro and Advance plans. If you were previously opted-in to the beta shopping experience, for your convenience, we have automatically turned on New Shopping so no action is required. And, just in case, no fret! It’s super easy to opt-out for now by clicking “turn off” in your dashboard until the end of the year. For more information, click here.

**Learn more about simplified product categories here.


It’s Coming: Increase Sales with an Improved Shopping Experience


New Shopping Experience - Wave 1-02

Drumroll, please… The improved shopping experience is leveraging e-commerce best practices to make shopping a breeze for both you and your customers.


Soon, we will be unveiling the New Shopping Experience for the entire Zenfolio community to enable.* Your optimized Zenfolio storefront will reveal (1) enhanced selling features to help grow your business, and (2) provide a more intuitive shopping experience for your customers. With input from the Zenfolio Beta Tester Community, exciting new features and improvements have been made to enhance the overall buying and selling experiences since the beta launch in July. And… this is only the beginning!


Five key highlights in the New Shopping Experience:

  1. For a fully personalized experience, photos from your galleries will instantly appear on products while your clients are shopping, and with orientation detection, gallery icons will neatly showcase photos.

  2. Your clients can add featured products to their cart with one click.

  3. Simplified categories** make browsing and buying products more shopper-friendly.

  4. Prominently showcase your packages to quickly increase your order sizes.

  5. A shipping estimator in the cart allows customers to conveniently view order total.


Stay Tuned! The New Shopping Experience will be available in the upcoming weeks.***


*The New Shopping Experience will be available for all US accounts.

**Learn more about simplified product categories here.

***If you were previously opted-in to the beta shopping experience, we will automatically turn on the new experience for you upon release. For photographers who did not participate in the beta, you’ll have the opportunity to opt-in upon release.