Unleashing the Triple Scoop Music “Ultimate” Collection

September 15th, 2016



Get award-winning music for your Zenfolio slideshows! Triple Scoop Music (TSM) and Zenfolio have come together to offer the Ultimate Collection (TSM Ultimate), which gives you unlimited streaming access to more than 17,000 songs and soundtracks for just $10 a month. Check out this awesome add-on today and get your first month for FREE with coupon code TSM1MO (offer ends 10/15/2016).

TSM’s staff-curated playlists feature hand-picked songs to supercharge your Zenfolio photo slideshows. Enhance the emotional experience of your slideshows with world-class music by adding energy, soul and style. You’ll find the perfect melodies for every type of slideshow: Love, Weddings, Landscape, Sports, Baby, Family, Travel, Business, Celebrations, and more. Take advantage of award-winning music to help you share your story, promote your brand, and grow your business.

With unlimited streaming access, you can use any of these 17,000+ songs as many times as you’d like. Every time you create a slideshow you can add music from Triple Scoop Music, directly from within your Zenfolio account. There’s no downloading of music files and there’s no limit to the number of slideshows you can add music to. The music streams directly on your Zenfolio slideshow—it’s that simple!


How it Works:

1. Log in to your Zenfolio account and add the Triple Scoop Music Unlimited Collection (TSM Ultimate) for just $10/month—don’t forget to use coupon code TSM1MO to get your first month FREE (offer ends 10/15/2016).

2. You’ll instantly receive unlimited streaming access to over 17,000 award-winning songs and soundtracks within all of the slideshows you create on Zenfolio.

3. You’re ready to jam!


Supercharge your Zenfolio slideshows right now with the TSM Ultimate package! To learn more, click here.