Update to Orders Sales Reports Improves Your Workflow

October 6th, 2016

The most recent update to Orders Sales Reports for Pro and Advanced plans improves your order management workflow by making it easier to monitor and organize your client orders. A column has been added that enables you to select Gallery, Event, or Group from a drop-down menu to easily view the gallery, event, or group the order was placed from. You can then click the link and go directly to the specified gallery, event, or group for each order.

This useful sales report for orders includes the following information that will help you maintain a fluid workflow as you manage client orders:

  • Date the order was placed
  • Order number
  • Client’s name (‘Customer’)
  • New drop-down menu with clickable links to Gallery, Event, or Group per order
  • Order Status
    • Waiting for Acceptance: Your order was received and it is waiting to be accepted by photographer
    • Waiting for Approval: Your order was received and it is waiting to be reviewed and approved by photographer
    • Pending: Your order was approved and it is being prepared to be submitted to the vendor for processing
    • Processing: Your order is being fulfilled
    • Shipped: Your order was completed and shipped out
    • Cancelled: Your order was cancelled
  • ‘Customer’ Paid Amount
  • Profit Amount (profit made from the sale)


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