Video tutorials for your clients

July 7th, 2011
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCO with se1 preset

It is no secret that some of your website visitors are less computer savvy than others. Even though most people are comfortable buying products online, ordering photos is a little more complicated since it involves deciding which photos to purchase, selecting the right print size, adjusting cropping, and setting additional options before going into the traditional shipping-payment-checkout flow.

That’s why we recorded two short videos that you can use to assist your clients through the shopping experience. The first video describes how to buy prints, and the second one teaches how to use the Favorites feature to select photos to be purchased or to be shared with the photographer. We also put together two PDF files with the same instructions that you can use together or instead of the videos.

There are a few ways to use these tutorials in your website:

1. Embed a video into your custom page and add the link to your website main menu. For example, you can create a menu item called Help and set it to be displayed in site header only (so it is not displayed on your homepage). Link this menu item to the custom page that has the video tutorial and some basic instructions on how to purchase prints and products.

2. Link to the video from gallery captions. When editing gallery caption you can add a link to the video itself, or to the custom page that has the embedded video and instructions. This way, you will only show the link in those galleries that are available for purchase.

3. Link to a PDF file if you think that your visitors prefer reading to watching a video. Upload the PDF files with into your Zenfolio account and link to them from your site menu or from gallery captions.

Getting the embed code for videos:

Click the embed button on the video player, copy the embed code and paste into your custom page.

Add to Favorites Video »

Purchasing Prints Video »

Download PDF files (right click the links below and select Save As…):

Add to Favorites

Purchasing Prints  

You may need the following help topics:

Custom pages | Uploading PDF files | Configuring Site Menu | Gallery Captions

We hope you find these resources helpful and take advantage of incorporating them into your site so you can spend more time doing what you do best – photography!