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December 14th, 2015
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Nataly Huff

Marketing Director, Zenfolio Inc.

“Over the past 10 years, Zenfolio has grown from humble beginnings (four friends in a coffee shop with a passion for photography) to becoming the greatest online business partner to more than 100,000 photographers worldwide. We are privileged and humbled to be in the position we are today, and couldn’t have done it without your support. From day one, the needs of photographers have been at the core of our values, and as photographers ourselves, we have always made it our number one goal to build a service we would want to use. In 2015, we are thrilled that so many of you feel the same way.

To win three years running, along with our fantastic partners (without them we wouldn’t be where we are today), would be simply be the best 10-year birthday present we could ever dream of!”


Derek Poulston

Managing Director, One Vision Imaging Ltd.

“Winning the Best Professional Photographic Laboratory for the third year running would be a dream come true. All of us at One Vision Imaging are extremely proud of what we do; we love the business of photography and we love the role we play in it. We will do whatever we can to ensure professional photography is recognised as a skilled and respected profession as it so well deserves. We accept and relish the challenge our photographers bestow upon us each year to become even better and to deliver exciting and innovative products to market. Being voted number one is the best way for photographers to tell us we’re on the right track, and it spurs us on to try even harder. “

Catherine Connor

Managing Director, Aspire Photography Training

“Winning Best Training Provider means a great deal to the team at Aspire Photography Training. We devote a great deal of time to showering photography businesses with our expertise and knowledge whilst influencing so many on the road to success. The SWPP annual trade awards are incredibly important to all that participate, and each year the benchmark gets higher and higher! If we win it will be our fourth successful year in a row, and like every year, we crave this award most of all. We love this award not just for the industry acknowledgement and accolade. It is a celebration of  the Aspire team, the trainers, and the photographers! It is a moment where the photography industry raises its glass to all those that give to the industry, continually, with passion, commitment, and belief in a bright and fruitful future.”


With voting now open, we’d love it if you took a moment to vote for Zenfolio, and our partners One Vision Imaging and Aspire in this year’s Societies’ Trade Awards.


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