Zen plus Zen equals $10!

July 15th, 2009

You may already know about the Zenfolio Referral Program. Traditionally, for every new user you refer, you’d receive a $5 credit to your account that could be used toward renewing or upgrading your account, purchasing prints or photo products and even gift subscriptions, while the new user receives a $5 discount off their subscription. Today we make the deal even sweeter!

Starting now and until August 15th we are going to double your referral credit. You get $10 for every person that uses your referral code when opening a paid account!

Don’t miss this opportunity. The last time we did a promotion like this, some users boasted upwards of 50 referrals. The new user has to sign up for an account by mid-August in order for you to receive the double credit. On August 15th the referral credit reverts back to $5 per user.

So don’t be shy, post away on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blog, etc. And while you are at it, join the growing Zenfolio community:


Just please don’t flood public forums with your codes. Some forums do not allow this practice and might ban you.

Get out there and spread the word!

The countdown begins now.